The Chant

NC thespians eagerly await to embark on an adventure where they will indulge themselves in the world of theatrics this weekend at Thescon. With departure scheduled for 7:30 on Thursday morning, students begin packing their bags and check items off of their to do lists as they prepare to travel to Columbus, Georgia among 5,000 other Georgia thespians. “I'm excited for thescon because I get to learn about theater related subjects from professionals. It's also fun to meet fellow thespians and it is a nice get away from the stress of academics,”  junior Ginette Samu said.


February 4, 2020

The yearly Groundhogs’ Day ceremony took place this past Sunday the 2nd in Punxsutawney, Philadelphia; with Punxsutawney Phil managing to see his shadow this year, expect to see an early spring this year, as evidenced by the shining sun and high temperatures today.

Early spring

February 3, 2020

Sophomores Jenna Saaskilati and Jaden Coleman, take on the challenge of their first Honors Chemistry lab by plating pennies, turning them from a copper brown to a bright silver and gold. By carefully following specific procedures they learn about chemical reactions and changes. “We are learning about chemical changes in this lab,” Coleman said.

Plating pennies

January 30, 2020

Prior to the start of the school day, the NC administration and staff began their first leadership meeting by reading, Chess Not Checkers by Mark Miller. In order to successfully create a unified school, the NC administration hopes to create strong chemistry and respect in the staff department. “The intention behind the book study is to build capacity with those who work in the building, no matter the department or subject area,” Assistant Principal Lexie Boultman said.

Chess not Checkers

January 28, 2020

NC students celebrate their Hoopcoming week as they dressed comfortably against the wet and rainy day in their pajamas . They support their basketball team while feeling comfy. “Today is pajama day, so I decided to participate. It's just fun because it's nice to be all cozy at school,” sophomore Lauren Sloan said.

PJ day for Hoopcoming

January 23, 2020

Senior Ana Barahona created GEO Club here at NC in hopes to include her classmates in a great cause; in her trips to Honduras Ana discovered a special needs school in need of help and Ana started different donation drives to help the school out. All of January GEO Club is accepting school supply donations in the magnet lounge that will be donated to the special needs school.

A donation away

January 14, 2020

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
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