The Chant

Students spend the last days before finals studying for their upcoming tests. For those that struggled in their classes this semester, finals provide a final opportunity to boost their grade, so they hope to perform well. Failing or not, each student, remains anxious for finals to pass so they can enjoy the holiday break.

Finals approaching

December 18, 2019

As the semester comes to a close, and the holiday season approaches, students display extreme excitement for the upcoming break. With students from all over the county studying at NC, winter break provides a great time for students to spend quality time with family and friends. “I can’t wait for Christmas and break. Finals are almost here too but other than that, I am so ready for time off,” Magnet sophomore Molly Clark said.

Christmas jitters

December 17, 2019

Crates full of various clothing related to graduation lies in several crates in the main cafeteria. Representatives from Herff Jones came to NC today to remind seniors to place their orders for all caps, gowns, and tassels; students can also visit their website to place their orders anytime.

Graduation time

December 16, 2019

As the semester comes to a long awaited close, the cold winter breeze drags in freezing rain and low temperatures. Students feel the dreary effects as they walk through the halls, slowly turning gloomier everyday. “I can’t wait for this semester to end. As soon as it ends, it’s Christmas time,” Magnet sophomore Lawrence Kilmani said.

Rainy weather

December 10, 2019

In honor of the holiday season, chorus students Kayla Smith, Emma Henderson, Diana Agne, Kayla Anderson and Trinity Klock deck out in holiday-themed outfits and accessories. Going from door to door, they spread the holiday spirit as they perform Christmas songs in front of students and teachers.

Christmas carolers

December 6, 2019

Listen up Seniors! Herff Jones came to visit once again to receive orders for senior cap and gown and other products. Make sure you place your orders in time when they visit or online.

Cap and gowns for sale

December 5, 2019

Magnet senior Ana Barahona sells a cookie to a hungry student as a way to earn money. However, she plans to use the money in a unique way to help others instead of spending it herself. “In the spring, I’m going to a special needs school in Honduras, and I’m using the money to pay for shipping for clothes and school supplies. I needed a way to get money instead of just asking people, so I decided to have a Christmas bake sale,” Barahona said. Students can find her in the Magnet Lounge selling Christmas tree rice krispies, hot chocolate cookies, and white chocolate popcorn for $1.50.

Cookies for sale

December 4, 2019

NC’s Warrior basketball teams dressed to impress to commemorate their second home game. The boys eagerly await to play their hearts out tonight as they battle against the Cherokee Highschool Warriors. The JV basketball team starts the festivities with their match starting at four thirty. Varsity follows at seven thirty; both teams hope to see as many familiar faces in the stands as possible to encourage them to defeat their nemesis on the court. “The thrill of sharing the court with my teammates is something I look forward to every game day,” sophomore Alex Acosta said.

NC basketball game

December 3, 2019

Over thirty-five retired teachers and staff take a full tour of NC after years of retirement while Principle Moody guides them around. “There’s so many changes in the building. NC continues to improve; other schools stand still, but NC continues to get better and better. NC will always be in my heart,” retired NC teacher Debbie Alfred said. NC, founded in 1958, will always exist in the hearts of teachers on duty and retired.

The return of the retired

November 21, 2019

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
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