The Chant

Students in Ms. Julie Hopp’s anatomy class dissected a sheep’s kidney. The students hope to find and learn about the different parts of the kidney as they study the urinary system. “We do everything on paper in this class and the students are always surprised by seeing an actual organ. It is important for the students to get the hands on experience,” Hopp said.

Kidney dissection

October 21, 2019

Shhhh! Varsity Cheerleaders keep quiet today October 18 for a fun tradition. They wear a football player’s jersey and only communicate between themselves to keep from getting pied at the Homecoming game. The NC students make their best efforts to entice the cheerleaders to speak. Any student who can achieve the task holds the honor of pushing a pie into the cheerleader’s face.

Keeping quiet for hoco

October 18, 2019

Students say ‘Aloha!’ to the third day of Hoco spirit week with Hawaiian shirts and leis. The theme brought a tropical, carefree spirit to an otherwise cold and stressful day as sophomores took the PSAT while a steady drizzle continued outside. Students hope for clearer weather as they plan to celebrate Screen on the Green tonight.


October 16, 2019

NC’s halls fill with VSCO girls, e-girls, and clowns as students commemorate TikTok/meme day and celebrate the second day of 2019’s Homecoming week. Eager to show off their warrior spirit, nearly every NC student carries Hydro Flasks and scrunchies and wear golden chains to dress up as their favorite TikTok or meme contributing to Homecoming’s spirit week.

NC’s TikTok day

October 15, 2019

The Chant staff takes part on the first day of Spirit week, Yacht Party, meaning that all students wear white. The Chant represent their school spirit and can not wait for tomorrow’s trend.

Yacht party

October 14, 2019

Students eagerly wait as the homecoming dance approaches. Starting Friday October 11 through October 17, students can purchase homecoming tickets for the price of $20 with no school fines. Tickets purchased friday October 18 will sell for $25 and the day of the homecoming dance for $30 at the door.

Hoco tickets for sale

October 11, 2019

ROTC students junior Amanda Bratton and sophomore Anita Prather take on the task of shining shoes for ROTC’s upcoming annual Military special. All participating ROTC students take in the sweltering heat shining the shoes with pride and fulfillment.

ROTC Military special

October 3, 2019

Seniors on NC Lady Warriors softball team step up to bat for the last time in their high school careers tonight at senior night. The girls feel prepared to leave it all on the field as they face off against the Hillgrove Hawks. The seniors eagerly await to participate in this celebration that they have watched so many times before in previous years. “I’m looking forward to being appreciated for all that we do and have done the past four years,” senior Kathryn Bywaters said. Come out and support the Varsity softball team at their last home game of their season tonight at 5:45!

Softball senior night

October 1, 2019

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