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Throughout this week, NC librarian Lisa Wheeler facilitated a free book give away for students. She and her assistant, Karen Morrell, donated books to benefit anyone. “It originated from my moving this summer and my kids wanting to get rid of a lot of their books. My assistant, Karen Morrell wanted to do the same with her kids books. So we came up with this pile of books that we didn’t want to give away to just anybody we wanted to benefit any students at the school who enjoy reading,” Wheeler said. She plans on asking teachers and students if they would like to donate books of their own.

Book giveaway

Luis Ponce, Staff
August 29, 2019
Coach Jeffery Bettus sits in his empty classroom preparing for an afternoon of meetings. His students, along with the rest of NC’s student body ended the day early on Wednesday, August 28 due to a staff development day. While the students enjoyed their free afternoon,  teachers planned for their future lessons.

NC early release

Jenny Loveland, Staff
August 28, 2019
As the end of August approaches class sizes lower with students and staff members out sick. Students swarm the nurse’s office, as students return home around the clock. What students refer to as “NC’s plague” rapidly spreads with more and more absences every day.

NC’s plague

Amber Roldan, Staff
August 27, 2019
Honors Chemistry students take on the task of plating pennies as their first lab of the school year. This means turning shiny copper pennies into silver and gold pennies. Holding their Bunsen Burner securely, they light their burner ready to take on the task.

Plating Pennies

Hannah Luck, Staff
August 22, 2019
Rally club meets for the first time this year on Wednesday, August 21. Ran by Dr. Pamela Roach and Ms. Becky Young, the club tries to help spread awareness and raise money to help scientists find a cure for childhood cancer. The club fundraises all throughout September, childhood cancer awareness month, to help find a cure.

Rally club begins

Haley Kish, Photo Editor
August 21, 2019
Those without parking passes can still buy one. At a price of $50, anyone who can drive can receive a parking spot. For more information, see Ms. Anne Ellis in Admin. 1 or check NC’s website for further details.

Parking into NC

Jemiah Clemons, Staff
August 19, 2019
AP Macroeconomics teacher, Dr. Pamela Roach, observes an empty classroom as it consisted solely of seniors. As the last complete school day before the early release final days, seniors vanish from NC’s campus. Seniors participated in their last day of high school on Friday, May 17, and granted the final days off, counting until their graduation date, Thursday, May 23.

It’s quiet without the seniors.

Julyana Ayache, Reporter, Photographer
May 20, 2019
A sign outside Assistant Principal Stephenson’s office lies undisturbed, displaying the days left in the school year; as shown, today marks the final day for seniors. The Class of 2019 celebrated their achievements with more than just a sign, though: the Senior Walk, held for the first time this year, saw the class walk across the halls cheered on by sophomores and juniors.

4 Days ’til summer

Ashu Ebot-Tabi, Reporter, Photgorapher
May 17, 2019
NC’s Greenhouse Gang puts together the annual Mother’s Day plant sale. This plant sale runs from Wednesday May 8 to Saturday May 11 which consists of flowers, hanging baskets, herbs, veggies, and succulents. Prices vary depending on what size and which plant students chose to buy.

Growing into Mother’s Day

Haley Kish , Photographer and Reporter
May 8, 2019
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