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The defense worked hard to try and prevent the Hillgrove Hawks from scoring. The Lady Warriors played hard but walked off the field with a loss of 0-6. As the girls applied full effort towards Tuesday night’s game, the team stands proud of their skills and prepares to work even harder. “I thought that even though we lost, we bounced back from last game. We communicated and connected a lot more this game, but there are some things I still need to work on as an individual and that would impact the team,” sophomore striker Helena Chea said.

Hawks soared as Warriors fell

Julyana Ayache, Reporter, Photographer
March 22, 2019
The NC girls golf team, participating in matches every Thursday, hope to improve the rate of matches the team wins this year. The returning golfers hope this season turns out for the best. “There are more girls than we’ve ever had before and that’ll definitely make a difference. Since there’s not just one new person, it will be a learning experience for everyone. The varsity girls will be closer to the newer girls because we have to help out more than previous seasons,” magnet senior Mary Tworek said.

Hole in one: The girls’ golf season begins

Haley Kish, Reporter, Photographer
March 18, 2019
	NC defense worked intently to keep Mustangs out of the home goal. With quick footwork, the girls powered through the first half with a positive and determined mindset. “I’m proud of our defensive lineup, and the girls really worked hard against the Mustangs. We tried our best to defend our goal and the positive outlook is all I could ask for from the girls,” sophomore Adriana Irizarry said.

Girls’ varsity soccer fights Lupus

Julyana Ayache, Reporter, Photographer
March 13, 2019
Magnet junior Andrew Martinez darts to first base, attempting a hit for the Warriors. “I think we played clean baseball both offensively and defensively, which looked really good and makes us a top competitor in the state. Our ability to work as a team is great and helps us bring each other up too,” Martinez said.

NC Warriors triumph over McEachern Indians

Lainey Devlin, Reporter, Photographer
March 13, 2019
NC Varsity Warriors celebrated a win against the Woodstock Wolverines on Tuesday, March 5. “Woodstock isn’t what they were last year and we showed them that. I felt good during the game, the team had my back and we produced when we needed it,” senior pitcher Jonathan Young said.

NC baseball’s winning streak continues

Lainey Devlin, Reporter, Photographer
March 7, 2019
NC made it past county, sending fourteen members of the team to state this year. In the future, NC hopes to send more swimmers to county and state to better represent the school as a whole. “It felt very humbling to make it to state this year. It was a very happy moment for me because I felt like all of my hard work was starting to pay off,” sophomore Meghan Armstrong said.

Swim team dives to state

Haley Kish, Reporter, Photographer
February 14, 2019
The Warriors and Hawks set up on the free throw line in the fourth quarter. Earning the extra point due to the foul against NC, the Hawks put up more points on the scoreboard, eventually leading to their win. The Hawks defeated the Warriors in the fourth quarter with less than four minutes on the clock.

Basketball team looks forward to growth

Dehlin Lee, Reporter, Photographer
February 14, 2019
The girls scrimmaged the boys for the first time after practice on Friday, February 1. After spending a little over an hour on the field, both teams received important practice on the field for their upcoming games in the spring season.

Boys vs. Girls: Who is the real winner?

Isabella Keaton, Features Editor
February 6, 2019
With a tough loss in the elite eight last year, the team plans to regain status and improve their overall performance in the upcoming season. “I am excited about this upcoming season we are returning six starters from last year’s Region 3-AAAAAAA and are looking to repeat as Region Champs with an eye towards a state championship,” Head Varsity Girls Coach Andrea Drake said.

Aiming to ace the season

Maddie Powers, Archivist
February 1, 2019
While preparing for state, NC wrestlers compete against other schools’ wrestlers in the district for region duals. Wrestlers train for months to prepare for state, keeping control of their weight, learning new techniques, and partaking in rigorous conditioning. Muscles over mass often defeat an opponent.

NC Wrestling takes down the new season

Lainey Devlin, Reporter, Photographer
January 29, 2019
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