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Angela Canales
Angela Canales is a junior in the magnet program at North Cobb High. She aspires to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist, and The Chant was the ideal opportunity to help her get the jist of newspaper writing, reporting, and interviewing. She also wants to improve her photography skills. Her dream of becoming a journalist kick-started when she learned about her grandfather traveling around Latin America to report on news channels. Since then, her interest has sparked more and more and she now has a passion for the press. She wants to go more into News, Entertainment, and Opinions writing.

Angela plans to become very involved in school this year, as she is the vice-president of North Cobb’s new African-Caribbean club, and plans to become an active member of Model UN and help initiate French Honors Society.

Her hobbies consist of spending time with her friends and family, trying multicultural foods, singing, and practicing French and Japanese. She also wishes to travel the world when she is older and practice her progressing languages. She will be traveling to Central Europe next summer with the magnet program, and plans to vlog the experience with her friends.

She has a deep interest in music and believes that it does express true, human emotion, and simply enough, just brings good vibes. Her all-time favorite artist is Harry Styles, having evolved from her One Direction fanatic era. Angela binge-watches shows on Netflix when there is time to spare, such as The Office and Riverdale. She is a mukbang enthusiast, and plans to film multiple with her friends, finding eating and drinking iced coffee therapeutic during stressful moments.

Angela Canales, Reporter

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