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Ashu Ebot-Tabi
Ashu Ebot-Tabi is a sophomore in the Magnet program. Ebot-Tabi's older sister insisted he join newspaper because he has always loved video games, excels in Language Arts, and thought he would make an excellent video game reviewer.

Ebot-Tabi plans to be the anti-video game snob: "You know when someone says dumb stuff that they absolutely should know. Why do you even say that if you are supposed to be this incredible journalist? Some of their review scores don't even make sense. That Pokemon game...they took points off for having too much water. And claiming you are lonely? You are supposed to be lonely," Ebot-Tabi said.

Ebot-Tabi likes to read comic books from DC and Marvel, and he doesn't care about the camps, but he admits he probably likes DC just slightly more.

Ashu Ebot-Tabi, Reporter

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