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Harrison Glaze
Meet Harrison Glaze, an intelligent reporter/political cartoon artist with a passion for drawing bald guys with mustaches. Famous for his beloved Snape impression and his exquisite writing, Glaze produces many different quantities of written material, including articles, poetry (sometimes put to music), and fiction. Harrison is an introvert who spends his time writing, developing, and finishing the many books he is writing. He enjoys listening to the post-punk rock band New Order and is a very hard worker in anything he does, including correcting and editing Wikipedia posts for fun. Glaze joined The Chant because of his lifelong commitment to writing and his want to have his stories and views heard, as well as his pursuit to developing a beautiful, cohesive article. Harrison Glaze, a second-year journalist, is a current junior enrolled in North Cobb High School with many hopes and dreams that will soon become a reality as his senior year approaches. He wishes to go to a small liberal arts college for undergrad school and then go to either Emory, Stanford, or Vanderbilt to study law. This passion is shown through his many political cartoons found in The Chant. He is a future constitutional lawyer and writer who will succeed beyond belief in both pathways.

Glaze was highly influenced by his favorite poem,  The Triumph of Time, written by Algernon Charles Swinburne. “Smitten with sunbeams, ruined with rain,” a quotation from this Swinburne masterpiece, describes how Harrison’s mind develops through his writing, which explores the art of how people go mad. This is shown through a short story Harrison had written of an old man who believes his wife was still alive, when, in fact, she was killed in a car accident. In his story, this man was later sent to a mental institution, due to his insane belief, presenting an interesting new take on the realistic mental issues in everyday life. He develops his plots by leading the characters into a certain moral situation and showing how they would react to it, studying how their mind works and how they drive themselves to the brink of insanity. It is fascinating in a weird yet horrific way. His creativity in his writing is unique, real, and intelligent. His in-depth quest for knowledge is a characteristic that will drive him to learn, make, and love the many literary classics and horrors. This knowledge and curiosity will take and lead him to any part of the world he desires, breathing in all the culture and history in his journey and leading him to his full potential, succeeding at whatever he puts his mind to.

Harrison Glaze, Cartoonist

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.