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Jacob Tutterow
Jacob Tutterow is a sophomore at North Cobb and a reporter at The Chant. In his free time, Tutterow enjoys researching famous writers and scientists on Wikipedia; the pursuit of knowledge is a favorite pastime of his, and the lives of scientists, especially the eccentric Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, never cease to fascinate him. Although Mr. Tutterow does not edit Wikipedia, he is a great enthusiast of the platform and the information that it makes available, describing it as his favorite pastime. Indeed, Mr. Tutterow’s love of knowledge is one of his most defining characteristics. According to his brother Alex, who also attends North Cobb, he tends to be “quiet” and “keeps to himself.” However, Alex also highlighted many of Jacob’s virtues, describing him as “very intelligent,” “self-reliant,” and “a hard worker.” Mr. Tutterow is an enthusiast of all things political and loves a good debate, always ready to contribute his opinion on issues that matter. An avid supporter of social freedom and limited government, he believes strongly in the virtues of a libertarian, capitalist society. He also has a passion for the world of cinema, and he watches movies regularly, enjoying in particular the films of prolific director Quentin Tarantino. For college, Mr. Tutterow plans to stay close to home, aspiring to attend either Kennesaw State University or the University of West Georgia. He looks forward to developing his writing skills here at The Chant. Profile written by Harrison Glaze

Jacob Tutterow, Reporter

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.