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Jayden Stabler

Jayden Stabler is a senior in the Magnet program. She joined newspaper because in her sophomore year "Mrs. Theaker noticed that I wrote in my bio for an AP English Language project that I might want to be a journalist someday, and I didn't know there was a class. I love to write and read.”

Stabler loves reading blogs and noticing the differences in people's writing, and she can spot an excellent description or a powerful moment in writing. "I want to achieve that," Stabler said.

Her bubbly attitude and loud personality contribute to her love of all things pertaining to communication. Stabler enjoys talking and social activities. She takes pleasure in leading group activities and spending time with lots of people. 

Stabler loves traveling and anything "wanderlust." This summer she is going to Greece and South Korea.

"Travel is a family thing. My dad thinks travel is a necessity for life," Stabler said.

Jayden Stabler, Editor-in-Chief

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