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Jenny Loveland

Jenny Loveland is a sophomore at North Cobb High School. She loves hiking, plays the cello and lives for cream cheese on bagels. She hasn’t quite decided whether or not she likes to run, but she does enjoy Cross Country. 

This is her third year running on the team, and she’s hoping it’ll be her best and she won’t trip during any runs. Cross Country has been a huge influence on her life and has taught her important life lessons like how to keep going, even when it’s hard, how to push through obstacles, and how to catch yourself when you fall(or trip, as the need may be). 

Jenny, of course, loves to write. In the future, she hopes to go to art school to either become a scientific illustrator or be an author, possibly both. This is her first year on the staff of Newspaper. It’s been wonderful so far, and she’s excited to see where Newspaper will take her. 


Jenny Loveland, staff

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