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Jessica Joachim
Jessica Joachim is a junior at North Cobb and is beginning her first year in journalism, hopefully as a photographer. Jessica is in the magnet program and balances clubs, schoolwork, and attempts to maintain a social life at the same time. She is very passionate about writing and allowing readers to see things from her perspective. She has also developed an affinity for photography as she is able to view life in different perspectives.  

Jessica also loves to cook and bake in her free time. Along with this, she loves watching cooking and baking shows, her favorite being ‘Cupcake Wars’. She also loves watching HGTV and going to actual open houses whenever and wherever they are available.

Jessica is not entirely sure on what she wants to pursue as a career when she gets older, but her interests include journalism, business, mental health, and political sciences.

Jessica Joachim, Photgrapher

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