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Kat Shambaugh
Katherine Shambaugh currently serves as Copy Editor and Photo Editor for the North Cobb High School news website The Chant.

Kat, a senior in the International Studies Magnet Program, hopes to attend either Columbia University or Georgia Tech.

Kat aspires to become a journalist or a private detective, but surely to continue to pursue her passion for writing. Her drive was not deterred over summer vacation as she wrote for the online journal Odyssey.

Aside from her journalistic talents, Kat excels in every subject of school. “Kat is the smartest person I know. Her intelligence extends to another level. Kat does not just try hard and therefore understand information, but she understands topics right as the teacher explains it,” Bethel Mamo, Magnet senior, said.

It is rare to find people of same intellectual capacity that Kat encompasses. Kat is constantly a positive and bright person to interact with, as her friend, senior Audrey Widmier said, ”Kat is the most trustworthy and genuine person I know.”

Drama fascinates Kat: musicals, plays, and Broadway showtunes all strike her focus and attention, leading to her decision of joining drama at North Cobb. She has acted in roles ranging from Maureen O'Rourke in The Lost Boy to Alice Beineke in The Addams Family. Jacob Jones, one of Kat’s fellow drama members says that “you can tell that she works hard and truly loves theatre. She has a real appreciation for the arts. It’s nice to see someone working so hard towards something that they love.”

Kat is obsessed with a Disney and even has her own blog, The Happiest Blog in the World, where she discusses all things Disney including Magic Kingdom, Disney movies, Disney-themed venues, and even Disney-designed food and drinks.

Overall, Kat is a well rounded individual who cannot be pinned as only intellectual, talented, or creative; she is all of the above. Kat has wisdom and experience beyond her years and The Chant is lucky to have her as an editor.

Profile written by Denise Thomas

Kat Shambaugh, Photo editor, Copy editor

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