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Luis Ponce

Luis Ponce is in his senior year of High School at North Cobb. He was born in Mexico City, is the youngest of two and has a mop-looking dog named Puffy.  He moved to Atlanta, Georgia at the ripe old age of three. Other than dealing with his Senioritis and having existential crises every five seconds, Luis can be found reading, drawing or watching his favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix. After school he participates in various clubs like Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, Book club and art club. 

This is his first semester in The Chant,and he signed up in hopes of becoming a better writer, making new friends, and learning how to speak out and use his voice. He enjoys almost every type of journalism, but he especially enjoys when it deals with Entertainment or History.

In the future he plans on writing his first novel, starting his own online clothing store, and studying animation at SCAD to end up working as a concept artist at Pixar. You can check out his art on his Instagram art page: @Horselemons

Luis Ponce, staff

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