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Nia-Simone Sherwood
Nia-Simone Sherwood enjoyed news more than the average kid. When Nia found out there was a whole class dedicated to it she had to sign up right away. Nia-Simone was born September 2, in Marietta, Georgia. The oldest of two children, Nia’s use to the required responsibility.

In the beginning Sherwood didn’t always have the idea dream of being a journalist. Her first career choice was to become a film and tv actress. Although Nia-Simone's career choice has changed her interest and hobbies have not. Nia loves creating and performing, whether that is acting out a skit, to playing music, to writing. She enjoys it all. On her free time, Nia-Simone makes LoFi (a genre of contemporary ambient sounds) beats and post them on the platform, Soundcloud for her friends and family to hear. Nia also plays guitar, both electric and acoustic, but hopes to improve her skills.

Nia-Simone joined The Chant to get out of her comfort zone and meet new people and make friends. She seeks to improve her writing and creative voice in hopes that she can make a career out of something she loves. Sherwood enjoys world news and hopes to get the opportunity one day to report on trending topics happening across the globe, but for right now Kennesaw will do.

Nia-Simone Sherwood, Reporter/Videographer

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.