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Tara Anastasoff
Tara Anastasoff, Editor-in-Chief for The Chant, reminds many of the rainbow that appears after a dark storm. Being Editor-in-Chief requires time, effort, and patience, and Tara is beyond capable of fulfilling the major responsibilities that comes with being the ultimate leader and face of The Chant.

Although born in Georgia, Tara has traveled to six countries, but has a growing interest to be more culturally aware. She believes that her willingness to travel will broaden her outlook on life in multiple aspects, resulting in her becoming more educated, both culturally and linguistically. Tara has taken Spanish and French classes and is currently learning American Sign Language. She also thinks that expanding her horizons in different factors will allow her to be more successful throughout her life.

Tara has a weakness for fashion and enjoys shopping in her free time. The way she dresses shows her personality in multiple ways. She chooses to dress comfortably but cute, and basic t-shirts fit well with ripped jeans, with fun accessories serving as the “cherry on top” according to Tara. She favors the stores Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and H&M. She especially enjoys shopping with her friends because she says that searching for outfits to match her personality makes her feel delighted.

One of Tara’s hobbies include painting, as it makes her happy and feel creative. She says that it helps soothe her mentally, helping her relieve all of the built-up stress from her school life. Tara also enjoys hanging out with her friends, having photoshoots that are eye-appealing, and going on adventures to seek interesting places nearby. Such places include, Kennesaw Mountain, Downtown Woodstock, and Marietta Square.

While zodiac signs play an intriguing role in describing one’s characteristics, Tara’s zodiac sign is a Libra. Characteristics of a Libra include, “kind, gentle, lovers of beauty, harmony, and peace.” Once you get to know the beautiful Tara Anastasoff, you know these adjectives are perfect to describe her.

One of her best friends, Autumn Boekeloo, former Entertainment Editor of The Chant, says that Tara is the most creative person she has ever met. “When I first met her, I knew that she was a very talented person. She was kind, positive, strong, caring, and beyond passionate and dedicated about all she does. She managed to let her personality shine in many ways, and she has now received the title ‘Editor-in-Chief,’ which was well deserved.” Autumn said.

Back to her school life, Tara is currently undecided about where she wants to attend college but has the University of Georgia in her sights. Wherever the road to success may take her, she is both wishing and willing to expand her horizons and take on the world in her own, special, Tara ways.

Written by Leda Catak


Tara Anastasoff, Editor in Chief

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