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Tara Anastasoff
A senior in North Cobb’s Magnet Program, Tara Anastasoff loves to learn new things, make connections with people, and shop for stationary supplies. When she is not doing homework in a coffee shop or hanging out with her friends, she can be found hostessing at a Mexican restaurant, where she has picked up an important life skill: making balloon animals. While Tara loves being outside and socializing with people, she also loves having alone time and watching cheesy rom-coms. She recently took an interest in film photography, and enjoys shooting on film cameras, disposable cameras, Polaroid cameras, and digital cameras. As a result of this passion, she also currently has 30,000 photos in her camera roll. Tara adores fashion and always looks forward to going to the thrift store with her friends. Her favorite thrifted item is a cozy brown and khaki flannel— a perfect autumn staple. She likes the sunshine, but she loves the cooler temperatures and comfort that the fall air brings. In her free time, which she doesn’t get a lot of between balancing schoolwork and friends, she listens to music (literally anything but country) and dances in her room. This is Tara’s third year on The Chant and second year as Editor-in-Chief, and she looks forward to making this year of The Chant the most exciting and engaging it’s ever been.

tara anastasoff, Editor in Chief/Photo Editor

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