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Chloe Roberson
Chloe Roberson, The Chant’s news editor, has been a part of the team for one year. As news editor, she enjoys writing articles about entertainment, especially movie reviews. Her lively and positive charisma is contagious, giving off joyful vibes towards everyone she meets. Her friend, Stefenie Garcia, says her favorite thing about Chloe is that “she is very easy to talk to, she never makes me feel awkward.” Other friend, Najda Sahovic, remarks “she’s like a reflection of me!”  Chloe has a finger on the pulse for fashion and keeps up with all the new styles. She describes her style as “comfortable and cute.”

Chloe was born in California and moved to Georgia when she was ten. When asked about life in California, she laughs and says “it was expensive-and luxurious.” Since moving to Georgia, she’s met a lot of lifelong friends and truly discovered herself.

Although recently becoming vegan, Chloe currently works at Panda Express, and jokingly says “it’s my passion!” In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching movies about mystery and crime. Chloe is currently a junior, but when she graduates, she would like to study pre med at Emory University to work towards her career goal of becoming a neurosurgeon. Before becoming interested in the brain and its innerworkings, Chloe was interested in studying the heart. When asked why she became interested in researching the brain, she responded, “well, without your brain- you’re nothing.” With her love of music, Chloe can be found DJing the pub office with pop and R&B tunes, always the first one to sing or rap along to every song.
Profile written by Tara Anastasoff

Chloe Roberson, News editor

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Chloe Roberson