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Emmett Schindler
Emmett Schindler, the Editor-in-Chief of The Chant, is a senior Magnet student here at NC. Along with his mindset on the importance of academics, he holds a very credible role in his social involvement around the school. He is an asset to multiple fine arts platforms, hosting Tomahawk Today and playing roles in multiple North Cobb Standing Ovation plays. On top of his busy school and after-school life, he works at Zoyo - a popular frozen yogurt shop - to establish himself.

When asked about his attitude when acting, Emmett’s friends and those who worked alongside him in plays described him as a jokester. Sophomore Hope Kutsche said, “Hm, he was always funny, like between scenes or even during scenes sometimes. He’d joke around onstage making the other actors laugh. He was good at that.” Although Emmett held professionalism when acting, he never ceased to entertain his fellow cast members with a few harmless and witty jokes here and there.

Born in Virginia into a Jewish family, he has one older brother and one younger sister. Along with these siblings, he has a dog called Jovi (named after Bon Jovi).  Despite his busy schedule, however, Schindler still enjoys watching sports. He spends his free time constructing and improving his Fantasy Football league in hopes of achieving perfection in his favorite hobby.

While much of his time off of school and work does involve studying and doing homework, he finds time for himself to also watch movies and listen to music, such as his favorite movie, Fight Club and his favorite song, “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

When asked about her feelings toward her older brother, Olivia Schindler said, “Whenever I’m usually around Emmett, he is pretty chill. Sometimes we play basketball together, sometimes I get in arguments with him just because he is my brother, but overall, he is a pretty lovely brother!”

Profile written by Bahaar Esfahani

Emmett Schindler, Editor-in-Chief

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