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Julyana Ayache
Julyana Ayache begins her journey at The Chant in hopes of being introduced to the world of journalism. She aspires to be a news reporter and travel someday, gaining the opportunity to be involved and keep learning. She enjoys gaining knowledge about various international concepts and adores the idea of traveling and experiencing new cultures and traditions. She values an open-mind and believes in the most positive outlook on life.

Ayache loves to spend time with her friends and family as much as she can. She mentions how her friends and family are her biggest support system and the people around her are what make her the happiest.

In her spare time, she enjoys shopping and watching YouTube videos. She says that YouTube can never get old and idolizes those YouTubers that spend their living just talking to a camera and uploading it so easy. She spends most weekends roaming in between many shops and feels as if her clothing is a chance to express creativity and barely walks out of any shop empty-handed.  She loves occupying her late nights discovering new music. A majority of the music she listens to is a mix of R&B and downbeat music. A few artists she enjoys are Alina Baraz, The Weekend, and Khalid.

This year, she’s excited to get to experience newspaper and get the feeling of being a true reporter.

Julyana Ayache, Staff

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Julyana Ayache