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Lea Jones
Lea Jones, a junior at North Cobb, is an outspoken and extroverted individual. She’s vibrant and tries her hardest to maintain optimism, no matter how trying the times are. She enjoys spending her time helping and getting to know others. Lea likes to express her creativity in multiple different ways, each of which being an incredibly important outlet to her. Through that, she joined The Chant to express her writing in a more public way. 

Lea’s interests consist of drawing, writing, reading, and music, all of which she finds to be therapeutic. Her favorite color is yellow, simply because it’s a happy looking color. Her favorite show is Felix the Cat, which came out in the 1950s. She listens to and enjoys all genres of music, and often freezes up in confusion when asked what her favorite one is. In her future, she aspires to fulfill her dream of becoming a psychologist. One of her biggest dreams in life is to attend New York University and obtain her psychology degree. 

Lea Jones, Reporter

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Lea Jones