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Lindsey O’Neill
Lindsey (Onizzle) O’Neill is a sophomore Magnet student at North Cobb who exceeds the expectations of her age.

Described as “one of the most hard working people I know; she is extremely sincere, kind, and very goal-oriented,” by Mrs. Rankenburg, Lindsey truly appears beyond her age with her modest sophistication and vast intelligence.

She has one sister, Riley, who introduced her to The Chant and inspired her to continue the O’Neill legacy as a cartoonist and reporter.

In the future, Lindsey aspires to be an attorney working with immigrants and border violation offering a voice through her innate talent with foreign languages. Her greatest fear is doing nothing big with her life or showcasing her destiny for greatness.

The interests of Lindsey O’Neill include, but not limited to, watching Law and Order: SUV and running. Lindsey has been a varsity athlete since her freshman year, leading NC’s Cross Country team by example. She utilizes running as a time to think through all mounting stress of a hectic high school career.

She also excels in hosting seasonal shindigs, Kesha Perkins comments, “My favorite memory with Lindsey is when we built gingerbread houses, and she encouraged me to use pretzel sticks as the roof. It turned out really great.”

Written by Andrew Gasparini

Lindsey O'Neill, Reporter, Artist/Cartoonist

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Lindsey O’Neill