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Nadya Awino
Nadya Awino is a junior at North Cobb and the social media editor of The Chant. In her free time, Nadya enjoys watching Criminal Minds and exploring photography. She gives off a fun and energetic vibe in the pub office, and will be sure to put up a firm argument in every debate.

You’ll either find her taking action shots at the football games, or engulfed in her favorite book. Although, don’t be surprised if you see Nadya drop her books, papers and maybe even camera to go pet a nearby dog. “She is hardworking and determined. If she wants something, she’s going to go get it.” Hope Hutchins, a junior at North Cobb, said. Nadya’s dedicated attitude towards accomplishing her goals and dreams are what push her to strive in any situation she is put in.

Nadya maintains her title of being helpful and outgoing by staying involved in the school. In Humanitarian Club, she thrives in contributing ideas and time into improving our community, and is eager to assist in every way possible. Nadya is a part of the Tribal Connections staff, and partakes in the process of enhancing our school day by day.

She takes pleasure in makeup and other cosmetics, finding new ways to dazzle the North Cobb students everytime she walks through the door. Adventuring is one of her many hobbies that allows her to express her outgoing character. She adores vintage and rustic areas and tends to visit downtown Acworth every chance she gets. Nadya finds herself in thrift stores more often than malls, explaining her aesthetic and creative fashion styles. “She is the pub office DJ. We all love her!” Gabby Weaver said, the Opinion and Page Editor from The Chant’s staff. Nadya has and continues to bring good energy and creativity to The Chant.


Profile written by Esteban Alarcon


Nadya Awino, Social media editor, Photographer

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Nadya Awino