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Rachel Maxwell
Rachel Maxwell, Social media manager to The Chant, is a senior at NC. Her love for writing and photography drew her to the newspaper staff, but after 3 years of being on staff her love for these hobbies has only grown. Being a member of The Chant has led her to not only find a group of lifelong friends but also made her realize her dream of working in journalism and social media.

Almost all hours of the day Rachel is listening to music. Blasting artists like The 1975, Rex Orange County, and Frank Ocean help her focus and calm her down. If she is not listening to one of these artists she is most likely blasting the Hamilton soundtrack, as Broadway shows are her guilty pleasure.

Other than music some of her favorite things are sushi, her 4 cats, her dog Groot, and her best friend Nati. She also has an piercing addiction, as she as 15 different piercings and plans on getting more in the future.

One of the most important things in Rachel’s life is traveling as she does not like feeling tied down in one spot for too long. Over the years she has traveled out of the country to some of the most beautiful places she has ever been like South Korea, Bahamas, and most recently Iceland. She hopes to one day travel the world surrounded by the people she loves most.

Rachel is full of new ideas to bring to The Chant and wants to make this her best year yet she plans on teaching the people who will be taking over her position on staff next year everything she knows so The Chant can continue to thrive on all platforms.

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Rachel Maxwell