The Chant

Black Student Union set up a board challenging students to engage and acknowledge Black History Month at NC. Students have the opportunity to shine with artistic and creative skills, representing any black leader in history to show off the month’s meaning and significance. Writing a poem, a song, a video, or even dressing up as a meme, places a spot in the challenge. Tomahawk Today will feature the winning student.

Celebrating history and culture at NC

Julyana Ayache, Photographer
February 11, 2019
Soaking up the sun and the first day back from break, NC students share stories about their fun-filled February vacations while enjoying the breezy weather in the courtyard. While most students stayed in state for the break, some road tripped to bordering states or flew across the country to visit friends and family. With the end of the year in sight, students used this break to rest and recharge to make sure they head into the last stretch of the school year strong.

Back from February Break

Tara Anastasoff, Editor in Chief
February 26, 2018
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