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Visiting students from Awtrey Middle School admire the work from Mrs. Dowling’s & Mrs. Brewer’s art class. Yesterday marked the beginning of the NC Visual Art class’ annual Art Show; during this exhibition, up and coming art students from all of the NC feeder schools (Barber, Paulding, etc.) come to analyze the art of Brewer’s and Dowling’s class, so as to gain a better understanding of techniques used.

Art takes over NC’s halls!

Ashu Ebot-Tabi, Reporter
December 6, 2018
With the thought of next school year coming to students minds, elective registration sends students to the media center today during first, second, and fourth period classes. They can choose from visual art classes to a variety of CTAE pathway classes.  Students continue with attending homeroom this week for their passes for their assigned time to register.

Elective Registration

Isabella Keaton, Reporter, Photographer
March 5, 2018
On January 9, field testing for American Literature started with selected students at NC. This test, administered on the computers in the media center, took class time away from students and put them at a disadvantage for the start of the semester. As some chose simply not to show up, students questioned why they needed to take this time consuming test. “I have no idea why I was chosen to take this test, but I definitely wasn't planning on taking it,” senior Jordan Hicks said.

It’s Lit!

Isabella Keaton, Photographer, Reporter
January 10, 2018
Mrs. Dowling’s fourth period art class worked on a project where they drew out pictures in the courtyard to create interactive chalk art. “It was a beautiful day and they never get the opportunity to draw, which they really love” Dowling said.

Chalk zone

Nati Duron, Reporter, Photographer
October 6, 2017
Today, September 22 marks the start of the Fall equinox. However, that did not stop the sun from beating down on NC, the temperature climbing to a scorching 90 degrees. Senior Diana Martinez said “I’m just ready for the leaves to fall and the temperature to drop so I can bust out the sweaters.”

Here comes fall

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager
September 22, 2017
ROTC students prepare for their Annual Military Inspection by polishing their shoes, correcting their measurements, and studying the answers for certain questions. “An admiral comes and inspects our shoes and asks us common knowledge questions… we have to go, we don’t have a choice… it’s a huge deal, ” Harrison high school sophomore Tiana Taylor said.

Armed and ready

Jasmine Nazario, Reporter, Photographer
September 21, 2017
Students enjoy their lunch outdoors in the 70 degree weather. Georgia's odd weather patterns both fascinate and frustrate the community. “The weather has been really weird lately, almost like it's going through puberty” sophomore Lucas Magalhaes jokingly  said.

Wacky winter weather

January 25, 2017
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