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As the semester comes to a long awaited close, the cold winter breeze drags in freezing rain and low temperatures. Students feel the dreary effects as they walk through the halls, slowly turning gloomier everyday. “I can’t wait for this semester to end. As soon as it ends, it’s Christmas time,” Magnet sophomore Lawrence Kilmani said.

Rainy weather

Peyton Stack, Staff
December 10, 2019
Blown away by the chilly autumnal wind, students struggle to get out of their warm beds and arrive on time to class with the pouring rain. Bracing themselves with rain jackets, boots, and umbrellas, students try not to slip in the halls or catch a cold before Thanksgiving Break.

Will this rain ever stop?

Naoshin Kaiser, Photographer
November 12, 2018
April showers come in early this March leaving students with wet seats around the courtyard.  Sophomore Hope Kutche looks for dry seats for her friends, describing the aftermath of the rain. “It’s really cool because the rain symbolises the washing away of the pollen, and spring is starting, but also now our seats are all wet, so we have to wipe them off.”  Kutche said.  Make sure to grab napkins to wipe off your seats!

Rain, rain, go away

March 28, 2017
NC students dart out of the rain to take shelter in the cafeteria, hoping to get their hands on tasty food. “I really love rain,” sophomore Maggie Huff said, “I feel like when it rains, I’m more motivated to do my work.” Prepare for any situation by keeping up with local weather through The Chant’s weekly weather updates.

Weekly weather updates

February 6, 2017
When asked about the massive amount of rain in the middle of January, Junior Makaya Harris says, “I hope it gets really cold so it turns into snow.” Most students agree with 
Harris, as Georgia weather has caused a calamity among residents in recent days.

Rain, rain, go away

January 15, 2016
After a massive downpour of unexpected rain, NC janitors rush to eliminate any incoming water. Several disassembled boxes were scattered near the entrance of the 200 hall today. They hope to use the slabs of cardboard to absorb the rain and prevent any slips and falls.

Cardboard catastrophe

November 2, 2015
On this rainy gloomy Friday, students huddle under the breezeway to avoid the wind and rain, with the exception of one student. “It’s sad that its raining. I was hoping it would be sunny like it was the last two days,” said senior Dionte Moncrief.

Blustery Friday weather

January 23, 2015
With the mixture of cold and rain, North Cobb students opt out of sitting outside during lunch. “It is so cold and it looks so gloomy; why would we want to hang out in that kind of environment?” said senior Sean Pacheco.

Gloomy Tuesday

January 13, 2015
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