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Students closed off Red Ribbon week by dressing up as their future career. Careers ranging from plummers to doctors roamed the halls of NC. “I have always wanted to be an anesthesiologist nurse, and today was the day I could live out my dream of being that,“ senior Judy Mihyar said.

The doctor is in

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager
November 2, 2018
In honor of the Twin Day dress-up day for Red Ribbon Week, the math department all decided to dress up like Prinicpal Moody. With his signature suit and tie and slicked back hair, each teacher nailed his look perfectly.

Seeing double?

Tara Anastasoff, Editor-in-Chief, Photo Editor
November 1, 2018
Marking the second day of Red Ribbon Week, students arrived to school decked out in their red clothing. Sophomores Naoshin Kaiser and Drew Dodd struck a fun pose in their red Vans. The rest of the dress up days for this week include Crazy Hair Day, Twin Day, and Sports/Career Day.

Seeing red

Kimani Kinyanjui, Photographer
October 30, 2018
To kick off Red Ribbon Week, students around the school showed up in their pajamas to show that they “sleep on drugs.” Representing the drug free life, sophomores Ivy Wanjiku and Kaleigh Everheart wore their pajamas to school. The rest of the week’s dress up days include: wear red day, crazy hair day, twin day, and sports/career day. “I love dress up weeks, they are always fun and I feel like it brings the school together a little bit. Just like we should stand together to fight drugs, we dress up together,” Wanjiku said.

Drug-free sleepwalkers

Naoshin Kaiser, Photographer
October 29, 2018
Sluggish students drag themselves to school in full sleepwear for Red Ribbon Week’s pajama themed day. This week students dress purposefully, honoring the fallen DEA agent that inspired the week, as well as competing for ribbons. Although not the most productive day, as junior Harrison Haley said, “PJ day offers a wide variety of ways to express yourself and lets you dress comfortably as well.”

Pajama party

Morgan Brown, Photographer, Reporter
October 23, 2017
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