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NC student hits the books in preparation for their AP Calculus AB final. Fellow Warriors currently experience anxiety-inducing times as they cram to relearn a semester’s worth of content in a couple of days. These tips will help in relieving stress and focusing the mind for the hard work that lies ahead of us all.

How to stay sane during finals week

Jayden Stabler, Editor-in-Chief
December 18, 2019
Beginning the season of advanced placement (AP) testing, students partake in the AP psychology test today in hopes of receiving college credit for their hard work. Psychology teachers, William Hargis and Melonie Shelnutt, help guide their students to prepare for this end of the year exam. On Tuesday May 7, students will either take the AP Spanish language, algebra-based physics, or art history exam.

‘Tis the season…

Isabella Keaton, Photographer, Reporter
May 7, 2018
Students create comprehensive study cards for the upcoming Environmental Science AP exams. Filling the cards with color and keeping them organized will help exam takers study and review the content more efficiently. This year, all AP exams will take place on campus in the library, Freshmen Academy, or Performing Arts Center.

Need a study buddy?

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager, Reporter
May 3, 2018
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