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Multiple factors contribute to the decision of the superior season between winter and summer. Winter attracts people who adore celebrating the holiday season, free time and cold weather. Summer compels people who enjoy performing activities in the heat and free time filled with adventure and friends.

Winter vs summer

Valentina Gonzalez, Reporter
November 1, 2022
Overlooking the Sydney Harbor from the famed Sydney Harbor bridge, the group enjoyed the ships passing by and the view of the Opera House and downtown area. After a half-day hike around the city and across the bridge, the group huddled to view the city from the center of the 3,700 footbridge. “It was interesting to see the Opera house and bridge and all the parks but Australia felt like a normal big city. It wasnt very different than one youd see in the United States,” Magnet senior Steven Tran said.

Oi, Mate!

Morgan Brown, News Editor
August 19, 2018
While students sit outside during their lunch period, they roll up their sleeves in attempt to keep themselves cool in the sun. The temperature reached an astonishing 88 degrees outside and the weeks forecast says nothing but rain will come after this past sunny weekend.

What time is it? (Summer time)

Isabella Keaton, Photographer, Reporter
May 14, 2018
The Ice Kitchen brought an aesthetic and tasty spot to the Kennesaw area, offering sweet rolled ice cream and other refreshing treats.

The Ice Kitchen: Swirling up a sweet new spot

Sandy Dang, Reporter, Public relations
February 7, 2018
North Cobb NJROTC continues their warm up routine on the football field, while braving the summer heat.

NJROTC practice

August 10, 2015
Expectations vs. Reality


Sophia Mackey, Artist/Cartoonist
May 13, 2015
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