The long journey home: a Magnet bus ride exclusive

November 5, 2014

Wide Bus ShotAlicia Bush

Making the daily trek to NC becomes an exhausting task for us Magnet students. The early morning ride inclines all riders to rise before the roosters, and if someone fails to meet the appointed bus time, they must travel to the next bus stop. The spots fill up quickly, so the remaining students must squeeze into an already filled seat.

The ride gets bumpy, and the chatter makes it impossible to enjoy a decent night’s sleep. During last year’s snowstorm, we endured the piercing cold for seven hours, which led to several arguments and tears.  But then again, we hold meaningful conversations that last the entire ride. Our bus buddies make comfortable pillows, and when everyone takes a nap, the quiet allows for perfect relaxation.






A Tired Kingsley

Senior Kingsley Emenike rides the South Cobb Magnet Bus, and after four years, he still searches for an empty seat. As a 6’4 individual with long legs, the bus gets uncomfortable. But during the afternoon,  he can appreciate a seat to himself. After a day’s worth of tests, his heavy eyes begin to close. He lays his head against the seat, and prepares for a well deserved nap: “I wake up earlier now because the bus comes so early. When I don’t get enough sleep during the night, I just sleep on the bus,” Emenike said.









Jada BivensAlicia Bush

Junior Jada Bivens showcases the bus’s comedic side while laughing and conversing with friends. Often times, her chuckles project throughout the bus. Everyone recognizes Bivens’ special appearance: “There are lots of laughs that go on the bus,” Bivens said.










Amanuel KefetewAlicia Bush

Sophomore Amanuel Kefetew was thrust into the Magnet chemistry and Magnet World Literature bundle this year. While adjusting to his new workload, he must also adjust his sleeping schedule to catch the bus.  Although Kefetew’s demanding agenda makes life stressful, his bus friends make school a little more bearable: “The best part about the magnet bus is being with friends. The worst part is how early or late our bus ride is,” Kefetew admitted.









Kelli and AlbenyAlicia Bush


Sophomores Albeny Carr and Kelli Kelley use the bus ride to bond. Everyday, Carr and Kelley greet one another with compliments and bright smiles. As best friends, they share laughs and discuss their daily escapades during the hour-long bus ride. They also plan the upcoming weekend’s events and plans: “Talking to her lets me forget about all things I have to do when I get home. She keeps me entertained,” Kelley said regarding Carr.









Jared SmithAlicia Bush


Freshman Jarrod Smith is new to the magnet bus. Within the first week, he sat three to a seat while also resuming his slumber from the previous night. When the time allows and he has a seat to himself, he just listens to music and looks dramatically out the window: “I’m just tired. I have to rest my mind,” Smith said.









Nicole & Anthony TalkingAlicia Bush


The long bus ride also allows different grade levels to communicate and connect. Sophomore Nicky Banos and Junior Anthony Sanchez discuss school, friends, and funny pictures posted to Instagram. These activities help pass time: “If we’re not conversing with each other, we’re sleeping or listening to music. Talking is the best option,” Sanchez stated.









Chris, Princess, NaomiAlicia Bush

Finally reaching the drop-off stop, juniors Chris Flores, Naomi Gunn, and Princess Dikko wait for their ride.


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