The Chant

Kimani Kinyanjui, a sophomore at NCHS, is a hard working, dedicated student. He enjoys travelling and watching movies and TV shows, especially Blackish and America’s Got Talent. He also enjoys photography and recording videos. When he’s not doing homework, you’ll find him at the basketball court shooting baskets. However, even though his absolute true passion is basketball, he would like to go into broadcasting when he grows up.

Kimani likes to challenge himself academically. His favorite subject is Math, with Social Studies close behind. He also likes writing, otherwise he wouldn’t be on the Chant in the first place.

As the son of Kenyan immigrants, Kimani has visited Kenya 4 times; in 2003, 2010, 2015, and this past summer in 2018. Since most of his family members live in Kenya, he gets the opportunity to visit them and catch up on things.

If you could ask Kimani to describe himself with one word, he would say “Curious”. His favorite food is pizza, and his favorite drinks are lemonade and Mountain Dew. When it comes to music, he prefers hip-hop and R&B. He hates cold weather and waiting in long lines. He also likes making people laugh.

Kimani lives with four other people: his two younger brothers, his mom Mary, and his dad SK. He loves his family, and he’s pretty sure his family loves him back. He has no pets, but if he did, he’d want a golden retriever.


Kimani Kinyanjui, Photographer/Videographer

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Kimani Kinyanjui