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The 33rd volume of the NC Panorama yearbook features the class of '91 seniors in a collage of pictures and a short farewell letter. The letter illustrates the memories made together and reminds them that no matter where they go they will always be a warrior.

#tbt: Senior farewell

May 4, 2017
	The 2000 yearbook features kids from theater performing in a play. Drama will perform the musical, 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee, at 7pm tonight. Make sure to come out and support your Thespians!

#tbt: Theater throwback

April 27, 2017
The 1996 edition yearbook features NC seniors engaging in senior pranks, and a bonfire ceremony celebrating the success of seniors and the end of the school year. The senior carnival nears on March 31, along with cap and gown deliveries to the seniors during first and second period.

#tbt: Senior shenanigans

March 23, 2017
NC’s women's basketball team poses for a group picture in the 1960 Panorama yearbook. With March comes March Madness so make sure to fill out brackets.

#tbt: March madness

March 16, 2017
NC marching band alumni majorettes pose for a group photo in the 1969 Panorama yearbook. The girls featured in this photo were the visual for the marching band and were the original twirlers of the marching band. They added more pep to the marching band and football games, anyone missing football season now?

#tbt: The original twirlers

February 2, 2017
Students in 1989 gather together for the Civil War Club.

#tbt: Civil War

December 15, 2016
The 1995 NC yearbook features an entire page of seniors goofing off. The page, laid out in a cut and paste format, shows the class dozing off, making faces of distaste, and sporting silly expressions.

#tbt: Senior showcase

November 3, 2016
In honor of the last at home football game and Senior Night this Friday, the 2001 yearbook features the varsity football team celebrating a win.

#tbt: Varsity football win

October 20, 2016
NC students in 1988 landscape the land behind the school to fulfill requirements for the Horticulture class.

#tbt: Growing strong

October 13, 2016
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