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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The trials and tribulations of Ticketmaster

Valentina Gonzalez
In recent years, Ticketmaster has established dominance in the ticket-selling industry, proving its popularity with a total of 18 tickets sold per second. The familiar name sparks numerous emotions within consumers and users of the site. However, several buyers remain unsure of the morality of the monopoly’s website, as previous experiences still leave customers in shock.

After providing tickets to concerts and performances to devoted fans, Ticketmaster continues to exhibit unprofessional behavior in the eyes of numerous customers. Now considered a monopoly, Ticketmaster receives terrible reviews from several ticket buyers who have shared their negative experiences. Since their policies continue to bring their ratings down, Ticketmaster should change its ways to accommodate customer’s needs and improve their reviews.

Known for its mediocre reviews at the time, Ticketmaster launched in 1976 and allowed people to attend concerts after buying tickets over the phone. Along with a standard hold time to talk with a salesman, Ticketmaster held a service charge of .50 to .75 cents per ticket. Similarly, the site’s current additional fees at the end of the ticket-buying process upset customers and caused them to reconsider the website they use.

The glitches within Ticektmaster’s website also contribute to the negative reviews left by customers. Last year, when Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour, fans ran to Ticketmaster in hopes of purchasing tickets for her shows. These glitches logged fans out of their accounts during their purchasing process, frustrating thousands of customers.

Certain customers might say that the problems within the site stand as minor issues and barely affect anyone. When disregarding the problems numerous customers face on Ticketmaster, one might recognize that the site offers several useful options, such as transferring and reselling tickets for customers who might find these options convenient. However, customers should continue to compare the positives and the negatives within the site. 

“I bought tickets to Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts World tour last year but it was very stressful because of Ticketmaster’s glitches. It seemed pretty clear that the website was not designed for the traffic caused by customers. To me, it seems like they do not prepare for these problems so they can sell the same tickets later, at higher prices,” junior Tessa Saunders said. 

While Ticketmaster offers advantages that other sites do not, the faults within Ticketmaster negatively set the website apart from others. Ticketmaster should either fix their problems or shut down their service. Fans of touring events can rely on other sites, such as StubHub, which provide a reliable service for people looking to purchase tickets without any issues. StubHub also provides parking information for specific venues and offers parking pass purchasing, reducing parking stress on attendees.

“My mom recently bought tickets to a concert in August. I’m not entirely sure what platform she used to buy the tickets, but I’m certain it was not Ticketmaster. After hearing about the Taylor Swift incident and all the negative reviews that have been piling up over the past decades made it clear to steer away from Ticketmaster when purchasing tickets,” junior Kristy Gonzalez-Veloz said.

With several glitches and negative reviews, consumers should note that Ticketmaster remains unreliable as a source for purchasing tickets. Along with their unprofessional customer service, the site’s non-refundable ticket policy stands as another fault within the company. After scamming thousands of customers, Ticketmaster continues to dominate in the ticket-buying world and will continue to dominate unless consumers change their ways when it comes to buying tickets. 

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Valentina Gonzalez is a junior at NC. She joined The Chant her freshman year and plans to continue on the staff throughout the rest of high school. In her free time, she listens to music, watches movies and reads novels. Gonzalez loves the artistic value of life, loves to write and wishes to pursue a career in writing. She loves The Chant because of the artistic perspective she can put out into the world with her articles.  

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