North Cobb named “Cleanest School in America”

Anabel Prince, Features editor

On March 31, 2015, at 1:08 PM, North Cobb High School received “Cleanest School in America” award from the National Arm & Hammer Foundation, beating out elite schools from across the nation.

“When people walk into our school, I want them to be blinded by the clean floors and carpets. We spend 99% of our funding on hiring custodial staff and purchasing the most efficient cleaning products,” administrator Howard Clean said. “North Cobb has definitely earned this award.”

Competing in categories such as best carpet shampoo job, shiniest mirrors, and most well-stocked bathrooms, North Cobb scored an almost perfect 100 in every event.

“When I walked in the room, I was like ‘woah, am I in some kind of resort right now?’ I mean, have you seen the bathrooms here? Every square inch of the building was so pristine, it was hard to believe,” judge Mr. Clean said.

This award does not only mean a cleaner school, but also a healthier one. Because of the complete absence of any form of bacteria or germ  whatsoever, zero students have been absent in the past year due to an illness.

“I feel so alert when I come to school in the mornings now! The scent of lemon and soap really wakes you up!” senior Stacy Marino said while in a coughing fit.

North Cobb is sure to go down in history thanks to this national recognition.

“I am so ecstatic to have been given this honor. I just want to thank the students and teachers for participating in our hourly hand sanitizer fun breaks and desk cleaning competitions, without which we would not be where we are now,” Principal Dr. Page said.

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