Breaking: Cobb County votes for spring break cancellation; Students outraged

Due to the snow days, spring break has been effectively canceled.

Alex O'Brien

Due to the snow days, spring break has been effectively canceled.

Arsheen Kour, Reporter

After much controversy and argument, the Cobb County board of education decided on March 31, 2015 to cancel Spring Break. Instead of a week off for Spring Break, Cobb County instead decided to add extra days to our Summer Vacation.

“Spring is really just an unnecessary holiday. I can totally see why they’re canceling it. We need more time to study for our finals. In fact, Cobb County should just cancel any and all vacations,” said senior Amy Studyalot.

Cobb County remained in a conflicted debate over the cancellation of Spring Break. After five snow days, school officials feared that students had lapsed or fallen behind in their classes. What better way to pick up the slack than compensating for our snow days?

“The unexpected snow days definitely created a bump in the system. Students fell behind in classes and forgot what they were learning. I know people made plans for Spring Break, but school is more important,” stated Cobb County board of education superintendent Chrus Rigsdale.

However, some students remain weary towards this sudden cancellation of Spring Break. Many students feel quite angry towards the abrupt change in plans.

“Is Cobb County for real right now? I can’t deal with this anymore, like, I just can’t even. Spring Break just cannot be cancelled, like… there’s just no possible way. I’m just so done with everything… ugh,” said senior Regina George.

In fact, many students worry over canceling their plane tickets and hotel reservations. No one knew of the sudden cancellation, as Cobb County released their decision yesterday without warning.

“There really isn’t a need to stress over canceling hotel reservations and plane tickets. It’s quite easy and most places give you your money back. And if they don’t… well.. that sucks because you’re still coming to school,” said Rigsdale.

In addition to the sudden cancellation, Cobb County will be monitoring student’s social media accounts in case some students decide to go through with their spring break plans anyways. If any student is caught vacationing rather than studying, Cobb County will proceed to suspend the student. But not to worry, students. To make up for their abrupt notice, Cobb County decided to add an extra three days to Summer Break.

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