NHS members give back for Valentines Day


Andrew Gaspirini

Seniors (from left to right) Chiara Mancuso, Bethel Mamo, and Andrea Ordonio display their works of art . Hearts, flowers, and bright colors filled the media center as National Honors Society created Valentine’s Day cards for senior citizens.

Rebecca Cantrell, Reporter

On Wednesday afternoon, National Honor Society members (NHS) met in the media center to make and decorate Valentine’s Day cards for people in assisted living.

People typically celebrate Valentine’s Day with significant others and close friends; for people in assisted living, however, February 14th can bring loneliness and heartache because family members don’t visit them often.

“I feel like I was helping someone feel like they are not alone,” senior Patrick Scherer said.

To brighten up  the folks’ day, members created cards using colorful markers, stickers, and construction paper, and wrote sweet and heartfelt messages or inspiring quotes to the residents.

“I decorated my cards by placing a lot of stickers and paper hearts on my cards,” senior Courtney Wadley said.

During the card creating, members relaxed and caught up with friends, gave advice on how to decorate each other’s cards, and enjoyed pizza for an early dinner and watched Finding Dory.

“My favorite part of the activity was getting to converse and laugh with my NHS friends,” Wadley said.

NHS members illustrated their creativity through the touching cards, demonstrating the most important quality of National Honor Society: service. Because people in assisted living rarely receive visits, the cards will greatly impact their mood.  

NHS members will deliver the Valentine’s Day cards on Monday to the people in assisted living.