Annoying couples beware: Stop in the name of love


Arsheen Kour, Reporter

We see them everywhere: in the hallway, by the vending machines, all over the courtyard, near the buses, and for some, in nightmares. They invade North Cobb with their annoying make-out sessions and extra-cheesy pick-up lines. Beware: the annoying couples of North Cobb return, sappier than ever.

“I really don’t mind couples that stand and kiss, but there’s a time and place for that, and school is not it,” junior Jordin Montoya said.

He is correct: we attend school to learn, not to watch hormonal teenagers attack each others’ faces. The worst occurs when they share a class together. Try taking notes when people in front of you whisper into each others ears, giggling as they play fight and steal kisses.

“They’re so annoying and need to stop, especially the ones that color code and wear matching t-shirts!” sophomore Devika Ganapathi cried out helplessly.

There are limits, people. It is one thing to match once in a while, but every single week? Forget cute, that is downright creepy.

“It gets really weird…,” senior Molly Cooper said.

Now, while North Cobb has a handful of annoying couples, there are a few exceptions. Like junior Adam Kovel and senior Shea Hill, who stand as one of North Cobb’s favorite couples.

“I think that these couples should try hanging out outside of school more. That way, they won’t feel the need to be all over each other at school. Yeah, we get that you’re in love, but keep in mind that there are other people around you,” Hill advised.

Right on, Shea! Being in love with a significant other? No problem. But showering endless affection upon one another during school annoys students. And Warriors can get pretty scary when angered.

“I want to light them on fire,” senior Chloe Tripp said, hopefully satirically. For the sake of the Warrior Nation, students should avoid risking a fire and instead keep the affection to a minimum.