Star Events chapter serves up a spot in state culinary competition


Lisa-quinn Ndegwa

NC students sophomore Kiara Kisor and junior Laney Robitzsch smile deliciously after their chapter display presentation’s success on Saturday at Lafayette High School. After toiling for days on end, the students enjoy the fruits of their labor after they were declared champions, earning them a spot at state competitions in March. “It’s been two years since we last went to state competitions for this category. I could not be any happier,” NC culinary teacher and FCCLA adviser Chelsea Hughey said.

Lisa-quinn Ndegwa, Reporter, Photographer

Despite the FCCLA culinary team dissipation on Friday 8 during their regional competition, NC earned a spot at the state competition through the Star Events chapter service project display at Lafayette High School on Saturday, February 9.  This project requires students to come up with a project about a solution to a community dilemma, execute their plans to solve it and write out the pros and cons of their project. Star events incorporate two different categories: early childhood aspects and culinary aspects. Competing against three other schools in the culinary category, the cheery students scooped top place and will compete in the state competition on Saturday, March 16.

“We did a little bit of both. We included the early childhood aspect by dealing with children as well as the culinary aspect by preparing a meal,” junior Laney Robitzsch said.

Two NC FCCLA students in 10th grade Kiara Kisor and Robitzsch with their teacher Chelsea Hughey participated in the Habitat for Humanity class in downtown Atlanta on November 10. There, with the help of children from within the city who signed up for the class, they prepared chicken stir fry. They would later use the results from this event to come up with cost and time efficient meals for struggling families in America.

“I didn’t feel prepared enough. I feel like I didn’t prepare myself enough. I feel like time just slipped out of my hands. But now I feel pretty accomplished as a person. I feel great,” Robitzsch said.

The event commenced around 9:30 a.m. and went on for five hours because each team presented a poster board, giving a speech at least ten minutes long related to their results. NC’s diligent and informative presentation landed them a chance at state in this category.

The students, now preparing for the state competitions in the categories of baking and pastry, knife skills, creative garnishing, and Star events chapter service display, sacrifice their Monday afternoon to practice for better results.

“It’s going to be a rough ride. Competition is stiff. We might have to start the poster board from scratch because we would like to work on some details,” Robitzsch said.

Anxiety continues to rise in NC’s culinary room with four weeks until the state competition and as the students work to hone their skills. Look out for the warriors as they strive to keep the fire burning in the kitchen and cook up another win.