Annabelle will make viewers reevaluate their childhood toys and torment sleep


Sydney Dyke

On October 3rd, the new creepy film ‘Annabelle’ was shown at the NCG movie theater in Kennesaw. Many viewers left the theater with a new opinion of dolls and paranormal situations. “I’ve always thought dolls were creepy and seeing this movie just proved my theory”, senior Taylor Powers said. ‘Annabelle’ appeals to teens during the spooky October horror film season in comparison to other films out this week.

Tyler Sesan, Features editor

Looking for the best horror of the season? Look no further than the terrifying Annabelle.

In a prequel to The Conjuring, Annabelle features a stare-crazy doll that becomes a conduit to a cult of the devil. The movie begins in Pasadena, California where a young married couple, Mia and John, are introduced to the demented doll. One evening, the night horrors begin, as their neighbor’s daughter, who ran away at 18 to join a satanic cult, murders her parents. Mia and John, unaware of the murders, hear a scream; John goes over to the house to find two dead bodies. While Mia stays in her house calling the police, the cult attacks her; however, the police show up to kill them on sight.

One problem: the daughter cult member possessed the Annabelle doll. Before taking her own life, she sold her soul to the doll. Wherever the Annabelle doll lay, the demons haunted those for a soul to offer. And while John tries to throw away and rid himself of the doll several times, Annabelle always seems to show up back in their possession.

“This was the scariest movie I’ve seen. I’m glad I saw it in theaters though, because it makes it way better. Also, if you are someone who loves scary movies, I highly recommend this one,” senior Ashleigh Wiggins said.

While the acting of the main character, Mia, has been scrutinized by viewers, their reactions had no effect on how critics graded the movie. Although her acting alone would have received a C+ or B- grade, the producers’ incorporation of pop-outs frightened viewers. The imminent thought that something can always jump out from nowhere kept the movie enticing.

Annabelle exists as a successful prequel to the Conjuring, and many horror movie fanatics state that after seeing Annabelle, they would consider it on the list of scariest movies available.

The Chant’s grade: A