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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Vitamins and herbs to add to daily diets

Mia Kirkwood
When sickness strikes and mental health worsens, those looking to better their physical and cognitive health by organic means should look to vitamin supplements and herbal remedies. Various health issues — such as fatigue and depression — spawn from vitamin deficiencies or lack of balance in one’s diet. To offset these health complications, herbs and vitamins stand as perfect options to improve one’s well-being.

For centuries, cultures worldwide have used natural vitamins and herbs in their diets to improve mood, fight sickness and boost overall health. Especially for those who can not access nutritious foods, vitamin deficiencies can manifest and hinder one from remaining healthy and gaining energy throughout the day. Now, people worldwide can access the nutrients they need to thrive through gummies, pills, powders, teas and other consumable forms. Both vitamins and herbs can supply additional nourishment that amplifies one’s physical and mental health.


From broccoli and celery to burgers and fries, a diverse array of foods incorporate various nutrients in the form of vitamins. Vitamins come in various forms, all remaining extremely important to ensure healthy living. Vitamin D, the sun vitamin, stands as one of the most essential vitamins for humans. For example, certain people may develop a vitamin deficiency due to their lack of exposure to the sun. Vitamin deficiencies can decrease mood, energy, strength and various other depleting symptoms. Those looking to implement vitamins into their diet can buy them at vitamin shops such as The Vitamin Shoppe, General Nutrition Centers (GNC) or at local organic markets such as Sprouts and Whole Foods. Before buying vitamins, one should consult with their doctor to prevent the possibility of hypervitaminosis.

Thirteen vitamins exist — including eight B vitamins — that anyone can use to improve their health. For example, Vitamin B12 stimulates red blood cell and Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) production. Those with vitamin deficiencies usually experience symptoms of weak muscles, fatigue and increased heart rate.


In modern times, people use herbs to flavor their dishes and decorate their gardens. However, for centuries, cultures worldwide have used herbs to help overcome sickness, enhance internal health, improve mental health and facilitate spiritual practices. Commonly, people ingest medicinal herbs through tea, powders and soups.

“Personally, I do drink herbal teas. I usually drink chamomile tea before I go to bed just to relax, and lavender as well. I also love to drink lemon green tea which is good for energy and mood. Green tea is very good for health and energy especially if it’s naturally sourced organically. I like drinking that tea when I’m feeling sick or trying to fight infections and drainage. It helps soothe my throat and break down mucus,” senior Greenhouse Gang President Eladia Scott said.

Various herbs provide calming and relaxing effects that can help with sleep and relaxation. For example, various sleep-inducing teas include herbs such as chamomile, lavender, valerian root and hibiscus. Additionally, herbs such as ashwagandha, lemon balm, cannabidiol (CBD) and passion flower provide benefits for those looking to decrease stress and anxiety levels. These herbs promote healthy thinking, sociability and calmness.

One looking to buy herbs should look for local, independent shops that sell herbs rather than major chain stores. Various major stores sell herbs, but the quality can differ. Health Unlimited, Ritual Herbs, HealingU Wellness Boutique and The CBD Joint all sell local herbs at their locations in the Atlanta area. Local-owned herbal shops can provide additional insight into the freshness and benefits of their products.

While herbs and vitamins can improve health, they differ greatly for various reasons. Vitamins as supplemental pills and gummies commonly include modifications such as dyes, talc and oils that serve no health benefits for the buyers. Herbs, however, come without chemical modifications and serve as an organic substitute. People looking to better their health through organic means should look to herbs instead of straying away from the possibility of synthetic vitamins. Additionally, those looking to use vitamins will need to consult a clinician before using certain vitamins to limit the chances of hypervitaminosis. On the other hand, one can usually incorporate herbs to their diet without consulting a professional.

“Medicine is great obviously, but I feel like ingesting herbs can be really beneficial for one’s overall health because a lot of what impacts our health is what we are ingesting and putting in our bodies. Drinking teas with ingredients that are meant to benefit us is really good overall. Also, growing herbs yourself more than anything is beneficial because you know where it’s coming from and you’re in control of how much you want and how you want it grown,” Scott said.

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