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Mia Kirkwood, Opinions Editor

Mia-Dior Kirkwood, a junior at NC, is an ambitious new member of The Chant. Their love for research and media reporting drives her aspiration for journalism. Their creative outlets are fueled by being surrounded by calm and quiet environments, listening to indie rock, and meditating.

When Kirkwood is not researching random topics, they are usually found either working out, listening to their favorite podcasts, or watching a movie on their watchlist. They also have a major passion for film and dramatic writing, which connects to their love for working in the media industry. As they continue into their high school career, Kirkwood will continue to delve into the media industry in multiple forms through The Chant.

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From Netflix to cable viewing, people who enjoy watching television in their free time usually relish either weekly show releases or binge-watch through their televisions. While both forms of watching contain downsides and positives, the current binge model forced down the throats of viewers shows unreasonable aspects.

Binge-culture: revamped and ruined

Mia Kirkwood, Opinions Editor
March 7, 2023
The long-awaited 2022 FIFA World Cup held up to its original expectations with several groundbreaking moments that astonished players and fans. As the hype surrounding the exhilarating tourney dies down and players begin to play for their regional teams and tourneys, behind-the-scenes plans for the 2026 World Cup slowly begin with high anticipation.

FIFA World Cup strikes North America

Mia Kirkwood, Opinions Editor
January 17, 2023
Starting the New Year with a new significant policy, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the transfer of Mifepristone, typically used for the process of medicinal abortion, to patients through the mail and local pharmacies. Although access to Mifepristone remains limited, the new policy opens up opportunities for those who need additional accessibility. However, respectively, debate ensues between polarizing citizens and politicians as they continue to dispute their moral considerations of abortion processes.

Abortion pills hit local pharmacies

Mia Kirkwood, Opinions editor
January 15, 2023
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Mia Kirkwood