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Ciara Whimbush, Copy Editor

One fateful day in 2013, Ciara Whimbush wrote a story about two girls visiting a witch’s house in the woods. Throughout the process, she stumbled across the thing that made her feel the most like herself: writing. As Whimbush embarks on her junior year as a member of NC’s magnet program, she aims to continue to expand her view of the world through a journalistic lens. As a newly minted editor, Whimbush excitedly looks upon this new school year to hone her craft and build upon her new discipline. She holds the field of social studies in high regard, as she actively participates in NC’s Model UN club, as well as HiStory Retold, an organization that seeks to diversify curriculums across classrooms. Aside from typing away on her keyboard, her other interests include spinning her flag and rifle on the NC Color Guard, baking sweets, making Dad jokes, taking pictures of the sky and indulging in various video essays riddled on YouTube. During her second year at The Chant, Whimbush hopes to become a better writer, an impactful editor and a citizen of the world; whether it be with interviews, articles, or exploring out of her comfort zone. Her main goal surrounds making her first-grade self proud of how far she has come. 




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The company of Buzzfeed and its numerous YouTube channels generated popularity in the 2010s. Since then, the channel continues to experience a decline from its glory days, with multiple fans growing disinterested. “I certainly have noticed a drop in views around the same period I stopped watching. I believe the main issue is the failure to produce quality content that keeps the audience captivated,” magnet sophomore Riley Kennard said.

How Buzzfeed lost its buzz

Ciara Whimbush, Reporter
October 24, 2022
NC junior Imani Wilson and sophomore Aubrey McPherson work as Scoops employees on the weekends. Students and their families in Downtown Acworth frequently visit Scoops for their delicious array of ice cream flavors available. “It is really fun [working with people from school] because we get to relate on different topics all the time. When we’re at school we can also talk about work, and it is easy because if we see each other at school and we need to change shifts, instead of texting each other it’s a lot easier [to talk to each other at school],” McPherson says.

The scoop on Scoops

Ciara Whimbush, Reporter
August 25, 2022
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Ciara Whimbush