The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

Ivan Mendoza

Ivan Mendoza, Page Editor

Ivan Mendoza is a senior at NC and has been a part of The Chant staff since 2022. Since his adolescence, he always pursued reading and writing and felt that The Chant provided the perfect outlet for him to write about whatever he wanted. From music reviews to thorough investigations to award-winning documentaries, Mendoza is not afraid to expose his thoughts and opinions on the world around him. Whenever he’s not writing for The Chant, Mendoza is either filming a video, biking or wasting his entire paycheck on amazing novels, memoirs or superb vinyls. Find him on Instagram at @ivans.interludes.  

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As the generations of colonization and forced removal of Indigenous populations remain ingrained in United States history, Native Americans continue to struggle from their historical trauma and it results in multiple disparities they face in comparison to the rest of the US population.

[Photo] Roots of Inequality

Rose Ordonio, Page Editor
April 28, 2024
Kanye West stands out as a pioneer in hip-hop, whose older works inspire several current artists in their journeys. West built a name for himself with his chipmunk soul production to his memorable lyrics and moments in pop culture. However, with the release of underwhelming tracks and controversial statements, longtime fans feel conflicted about his creativity as an artist.

The old Kanye will never come back

Ivan Mendoza, page editor
December 14, 2023
Due to recent outcries regarding critical race theory (CRT) and LGBTQ+ representation, parents and schools have started to enforce rules on the books children and students can read. As a result of vague policies and misinterpretations, books with powerful writing and messaging have become inaccessible to students across America.

Banned books to read over the summer

Ivan Mendoza, Entertainment Editor
May 15, 2023
As polarizing activists such as Angela Davis and Queen Yonasda protest against the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, the 85-acre property continues to divide local residents and stir up controversy amongst a plethora of communities. After the brutal death of one of their own activists, the movement against Cop City will only continue to grow and people will continue to retaliate by any means necessary.

Why Atlanta needs to stop Cop City

Ivan Mendoza, Entertainment Editor
April 17, 2023
Known for his crude humor and interactions with prominent artists, Adin Ross reigned over Twitch with seven million followers and millions of dollars in revenue. However, after collaborating with the controversial figure and former kickboxer Andrew Tate, his beliefs have shifted immensely and his content continues to spiral downward.

How Adin Ross descended into madness

Ivan Mendoza, Entertainment Editor
March 12, 2023
the unheard voices.

The Unheard Voices

Ivan Mendoza, Entertainment Editor
February 10, 2023
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