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Ivan Mendoza, Entertainment Editor

Ivan Mendoza is a junior at NC and one of the Chant's newest members. Since elementary school, he’s always had a deep passion for reading and writing whatever he wants. At one point, he even drew comics with his best friends. Mendoza now wants to fuel that same passion into writing about opinions, music, and whatever is happening at NC. When he’s not writing the newest article, Mendoza is either doodling, biking, or wasting his entire paycheck on some vinyls. If you were to ever encounter him, he’d probably have an airpod in one ear listening to his playlists on shuffle. You can find him on instagram at @ivans.interludes.

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Known for his crude humor and interactions with prominent artists, Adin Ross reigned over Twitch with seven million followers and millions of dollars in revenue. However, after collaborating with the controversial figure and former kickboxer Andrew Tate, his beliefs have shifted immensely and his content continues to spiral downward.

How Adin Ross descended into madness

Ivan Mendoza, Entertainment Editor
March 12, 2023
the unheard voices.

The Unheard Voices

February 10, 2023
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Ivan Mendoza