Kali Uchis unveils love and beauty in “Red Moon in Venus”


Courtesy of Cho Gi-Seok; edited by Ivan Mendoza

Columbian-American music artist Kali Uchis slowly solidified herself as a talented curator in the musical hemisphere. From her collaborations with prominent artists such as SZA and Tyler, The Creator to her Grammy-winning performances, Uchis has always sung with heaven-like vocals and mesmerizing choruses. With the release of her latest album, she does not disappoint her fanbase whatsoever; rather, she continues to improve her natural talents.

Ivan Mendoza, Entertainment Editor

From her humble beginnings as a singer who sold self-released mixtapes to making the most streamed song from a female Latin artist, Kali Uchis never disappoints with her artistry and dedication. She spent her upbringing in Virginia and in her parents’ native Columbia, and her versatility in crafting music in English and Spanish definitely expanded her palate of a fanbase. She continues to inspire Hispanic people across the globe while winning prestigious accolades such as the Grammy award for Best Dance Recording in 2021. 

March 3, 2023, she released her long-awaited album titled “Red Moon in Venus”. Described as an album centered around love and loss, the Columbian-American singer once again mesmerizes listeners with her third studio album.   

The contemporary album begins with “in My Garden…”, a soothing opener with birds chirping at a distance and the Grammy-winning singer hums and reminds the listener of her devoted love to an anonymous figure. As the chirping fades and as the first track comes to a close, Uchis makes a beautifully seamless transition into her magnum opus titled “I Wish you Roses”. The first single from her album acts as a ballad detailing the end of a relationship paired with rich instrumentation and riveting earworms. In addition to her innate talents, her songwriting remains unmatched as she compares herself to “a rose in the garden of weeds” and includes other references to blooming flowers. 

“Whenever I listen to Kali Uchis, she has such a soothing voice that matches the beats within her songs that allow me to understand more of what she is communicating in her songs. ‘I Wish you Roses’ is a song that is meant to convey the feeling of separating from someone that you loved deeply. You are without them now and it still hurts, but you wish them roses. You wish them peace,” junior Kameron Harvey said. 

The following track “Worth the Wait” serves as another fascinating song featuring longtime collaborator Omar Apollo. As Apollo sings the chorus in high falsettos, Uchis matches his performance with her hypnotic melodies and sensual lyrics. “Red Moon in Venus” features a myriad of talented artists who perfectly encapsulate the emotion of love. For example, the sixth track “Fantasy” acts as a duo with her boyfriend, Don Tolliver, and together they curate a rhythmic and memorable dance anthem where they detail their devotion to each other. “Deserve Me (with Summer Walker)” contradicts the aforementioned song as both artists talk about manipulative exes and letting go of past relationships. All in all, each feature emphasizes the spectrum of love and how relationships can result in heartbreak as well as triumph. 

Messages of love encompass the entirety of this spectacular album, and Uchis hones the concept with nostalgic cuts such as “Love Between…”. This song will certainly keep listeners in a trance with the song’s lush arrangement of instruments and her captivating voice. Also, the chorus itself deserves acclamation for its simplistic yet polarizing message of love between two human beings and its wondrous effects. She certainly knows how to write remarkable choruses as “Moral Conscience” and “Blue” stand out with their relatable lyrics of loneliness and loss. 

The second single off the album titled “Moonlight” once again showcases her natural capabilities in creating songs with different vocal ranges and unforgettable lyrics. As the album, unfortunately, concludes with the high-spirited track titled “Happy Now”, the singer tried her best to convey every messy avenue of love, whether it ranged from complete bliss to painful toxicity. In comparison to the rest of her discography, “Red Moon in Venus” offered itself as another example of dedication and perfection in her craft. Similar to how her immigrant parents from Columbia raised her to become the artist fans know and love, Uchis inspires her fanbase to continue their love and dreams with another fantastic studio release. 

“I always thought Kali had a unique take on music and that her sound has always been evolving, not just in ‘Red Moon in Venus’ but also ‘Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)’ and her other projects. ‘Red Moon in Venus’ is also a great album with zero skips. She’s been around for like ten years now, so she’ll always be iconic,” sophomore Nicolas Gomez said. 

The Chant’s Rating: A+