“In Ha Mood”: Ice Spice does a special guest performance on the NC stage


Ivan Mendoza

Ice Spice graced the NC Performance Arts Center (PAC) on March 31. As she performed popular songs such as “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and “Bikini Bottom,” students and teachers alike erupted the auditorium with cheers and applause. As NC attendees left the PAC, they left with a change of heart and will never forget her remarkable songwriting.

Ivan Mendoza, Entertainment Editor

Before Ice Spice first entered the spotlight with her popular single titled “Munch (Feelin’ U),” the music industry remained barren with boring artists, forgettable songs and horrible melodies. In the former years of hip-hop’s history, lyrics ingrained messages of toxic masculinity, influencing an entire generation of children to believe in these same ideals. In 2022, the rap game desperately needed a savior after men such as Andrew Tate and IShowSpeed curated deplorable songs that would make anyone wish to blow their brains out. Fortunately, Isis Naija Gaston, also known as Ice Spice, took the world by storm with her unique vernacular and on March 31 decided to showcase her talents at the NC Performing Art Center (PAC).  

“I know the influence that I have on this new generation of kids, and I am so grateful Matthew Moody allowed me to perform at North Cobb High School. I had so much fun performing my hit songs, and this will be an experience that will certainly influence my songwriting in the future,” Ice Spice said. 

As students from 9th to 12th grade filled up the auditorium, the audience erupted with cheers and whistles as the opening track “Bikini Bottom” blasted from the various speakers and Ice Spice walked onto the center stage. She would then perform classic tracks such as “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and “Boy’s a liar Pt.2” as she displayed her signature moves and danced with several of NC’s cheerleaders. 

Then, Ice Spice completely took students and teachers by surprise as she performed “In Ha Mood” with the principal of NC. As Moody repeated the chorus onto his provided microphone, the crowd remained starstruck and several chants of “go white boy go” packed the PAC. At one point, the renowned principal even did a backflip and the auditorium went wild. 

During the performance, Ice Spice surprised the audience with special guests such as Drake and Lil Tjay. On social media, NC students bragged about how an artist with over 35 million listeners performed at their school. Teachers left the PAC with a new look on music and even added several of her songs to their own personal playlists. In fact, ELA teachers immediately started to curate assignments for their students where they would further analyze her lyrics. Overall, March 31 will stamp itself as a memorable day where Ice Spice changed the lives of NC students. 

“I remembered the first time I listened to Ice Spice like it was yesterday. Even though she has had such a short career, she has reached an insane amount of popularity and she is one of the most relatable artists I’ve ever listened to. As I saw her grace the North Cobb stage, she reminded me once again that I am not alone in being a munch. In the words of Ice Spice herself, how can I choose if I’m already chose [sic],” junior Eldeer Patino said. 


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