The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee, Copy Editor

Lauren Lee, a senior at NC, is an editor for The Chant. She joined in January 2022 during her sophomore year. She loves writing about recent global events and health crises; she finds a way to turn these topics into impactful and enticing articles. She can be seen reading the New York Times daily to research information about national and global issues. Helping others become better writers and finding their passion also lies in her interests. When she is not writing, she is volunteering at food banks, spending time with family and friends  and shopping. 


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March 28, 2024, the CDC warned that cases of meningitis appear as the highest number of cases since 2014. Meningitis can lead to severe life-long effects if not treated properly or immediately. To combat the infection’s prevalence, the CDC recommends several kinds of vaccines for all ages.

Meningitis on the rise 

Lauren Lee, Copy Editor
April 9, 2024
After a recent increase in childhood obesity, former first lady Michelle Obama has implemented a new lunch menu for public schools across the nation. In this new menu, students should expect to see items such as veggie burgers and cauliflower nuggets. The new lunch menu will go into effect by August 1.

NC’s new lunch menu

Lauren Lee, Copy Editor
April 1, 2024
As the Gaza Strip enters its 20th week of conflict with Israel, a surge of acute malnutrition has compromised mainly womens and children’s health and immunity. An international committee of experts declared that particularly Northern Palestine will approach a famine. A wish for help from the UN has increased as Palestinians watch their loved ones starve to death each day.

Malnutrition in Palestine

Lauren Lee, copy editor
March 28, 2024
With prom approaching, juniors and seniors strive to look their best in a dress that suits them. Since prom dress styles have revolutionized in the past decade, girls should know what to avoid when selecting a dress this year. Every detail in a prom dress remains highly significant as it grants high school girls confidence on their special night.

Horrendous prom trends

Lauren Lee, Copy editor
March 15, 2024
Gypsy Rose Blanchard received her freedom December 28, 2023, after serving eight years in prison for second-degree murder. Since her release, she has enjoyed her life with her new husband and all the positive comments from fans. However, people believe that her freedom does not seem fair.

Gypsy Rose controversy 

Lauren Lee, Copy Editor
January 22, 2024
With applesauce’s reputation as a highly favored snack by children, the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has recalled the sweet treat after finding lead in several cinnamon-flavored applesauce pouches. So far, three children in South Carolina faced elevated counts of lead in their bloodstream after consumption of the applesauce. The FDA continues to attempt to stop the spread of lead poisoning through applesauce brands such as Wanabana, Shnucks and Weis.

Say no to applesauce

Lauren Lee, Editor
January 14, 2024
In an attempt to close the educational gap between minority and white students, Evanston High School has adopted classes made specifically for students of color. These classes have attracted extreme controversy due to the basis of racial segregation. Those in favor believe it will benefit students while those opposed see these classes as a violation of cases such as Brown vs. The Board of Education and Shaw vs. Reno and in violation of amendments such as the 14th Amendment.

A better chance at education

Lauren Lee, Copy editor
December 14, 2023
In recent years, technology has allowed people to receive access to healthcare regardless of their physical or mental states, location or availability. Telemedicine can alleviate healthcare system burdens by reducing in-person visits for non-urgent matters which can stimulate patient flow and optimize the allocation of resources. Telemedicine has evolved since the 1900s and will continue to evolve as new advancements appear.

Health gone virtual

Lauren Lee, Reporter
December 11, 2023
Election offices received letters after the November 7 elections and to their surprise, they found skeptical contaminants. While counting votes, states such as Georgia and Washington noticed fentanyl-laced mail. Several states have taken steps to further evaluate the issue.

Fentanyl attacks democracy

Lauren Lee, Copy Editor
November 10, 2023
After Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency to safeguard human health and the environment, scientists and environmentalists have pushed several laws to create a safe place for millions of Americans. One of these laws created through the Clean Air Act has banned leaded fuel. Certain aircraft, however, still use leaded fuel; Wednesday, October 18, the Biden Administration announced this issue after recognizing the public health risk.

Lingering lead emissions

Lauren Lee, Copy Editor
November 3, 2023
Two always works better than one, especially for Halloween costumes. Inspired by iconic shows and movies, these duo Halloween costumes will make any pair stand out in a crowd of trick-or-treaters. These costumes allow people to capture memorable moments with a close friend, family member or significant other.

Best duo Halloween costumes

Lauren Lee, Copy Editor
October 20, 2023
Before his newest album “For All The Dogs” dropped, Georgians received the chance to see Aubrey “Drake” Graham perform live September 25. He performed his “It’s All A Blur,” tour in 14 other states before arriving in the peach state. With guests he invited such as Kai Cenat and Roy Woods, he created a party-like atmosphere that his audience could enjoy. His songs came from old albums such as “Thank Me Later,” released in 2010 to his newest album “Her Loss,” which came out in 2022.

Hold on we’re going…to Atlanta

Lauren Lee, Copy editor
October 10, 2023
 Georgia’s southern accent has faded away in newer generations, and the blame falls in the hands of Gen Z. UGA and Georgia Tech found the Southern drawl that exists in millennials did not carry over to their children. Although joint research did not determine the source of this deterioration of the accent, people can infer it arises from new interactions and social media.

Southern accents fade

Lauren Lee, Editor
October 3, 2023
For decades, people have wondered why serial killers act on their compulsions. Serial killers kill in ways the average human being might find disturbing. To better understand, a psychological approach should unravel their atrocities. While serial killers may contain a unique motive, their neurological composites contain similarities.

The brain of a serial killer

Lauren Lee, News Editor
May 15, 2023
North Carolina has enacted the Fairness in Womens Act, a bill that will prohibit biological males from playing on teams with biological females. Controversy has risen as a result of the bill, especially against politics and athletes. After a high school volleyball player suffered severe injuries from a transgender woman, other states might ensue this bill.

Fairness in Women Act

Lauren Lee, News editor
May 12, 2023
 Due to a recent injury involving Peyton McNabb, a high school volleyball player, lawmakers have enforced the Fairness in Women’s Act. This act will ensure womens safety and leave them with fewer concerns about their opponents. Controversy remains as athletes believe women will benefit from this bill and others believe the bill discriminates against trans-women.

A fair chance

Lauren Lee, News Editor
May 12, 2023

Ralph Yarl, an innocent 16-year-old, continues in critical condition after a White man shot him several times. For a simple errand run, Yarl almost lost his life in the hands of Andrew Lester. So far, prosecutors have charged Lester on one account of assault and one account of armed criminal action. Yarl currently finds himself on the road to recovery.

Justice for Ralph Yarl

Lauren Lee, News editor
April 24, 2023
Thus far in 2023, new makeup products have popped up in the beauty world that have completely evolved. The products range from inclusive skin shades to accessible applicators and pigmented formulas. Makeup products will hopefully continue to evolve in the beauty industry

Best makeup products of 2023

Lauren Lee, News editor
April 14, 2023
Caption: Kim Kardashian recently announced her pregnancy with an unexpected partner: Kanye West. The two divorced two years ago and their sudden rekindling will shock fans. Kris Jenner and other family members have had suspicions about the two.

A bun in a Kardashian’s oven

Lauren Lee, News Editor
April 1, 2023
As the school year comes to an end, high school students all around Georgia travel to Panama City Beach, Florida for solid rest and relaxation. However, recent regulations put in place by city officials might limit students’ fun. While the goal of the new rules serves to convert the town into one with an increased family-friendly atmosphere, it could severely damage local business and tourism as a result of the changes. Nevertheless, high schoolers should take a look into the set rules upon their arrival in order to preserve their fun.

The great migration to Florida

Lauren Lee, News editor
March 29, 2023
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will testify before Congress for the second day in a row as lawmakers expect to grill Powell on soaring inflation and interest rate hikes. His speech finds new ways to control inflation that will actually work. He highlights the active disinflation to give the country hope in the economy.

Combating inflation

Lauren Lee, News editor
March 10, 2023
 As final exams approach, students configure various study habits to prepare and receive passing grades. NC’s bell schedule will alter December 15 and December 16; the last two days of the semester for efficient testing days. With the proper studying skills, a satisfying grade will come with ease.

NC’s final exams

Lauren Lee, News Editor
December 12, 2022
 From the outside looking at the modeling industry, people have glorified the modeling profession with beautiful, young, slim women. As with almost anything, there lies a dark side of the modeling industry. From eating disorders to mental health issues models across the world have faced intense manipulation.

From runways to scandals

Lauren Lee, News Editor
December 7, 2022
Over the years, daylight savings time has brought great controversy in the U.S Congress. With the Sunshine Protection Act, daylight or standard time will remain permanent and bring an end to the draining time change twice a year. With this bill passed, deer crashes will reduce along with depression.

Save the shine

Lauren Lee, News editor
November 9, 2022
Netflix released “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” September 21, 2022, to shine a light on Jeffery Dahmer’s horrific crimes. Dahmer committed 17 gruesome murders over the course of 13 years. With the emphasis on childhood trauma and discrimination, viewers rave over the new series.

Organs for dinner

Lauren Lee, Reporter
October 19, 2022
Today, October 10, people throughout America take the day off to honor Christopher Columbus for discovering the Americas. This controversial holiday upsets Native Americans considering the monstrosities he brought amongst their ancestors. Schools and jobs should think twice before giving their employees and students the day off.

Stolen land, stolen holiday

Lauren Lee, News editor
October 10, 2022
Soulcap: a British-owned company designed swim caps for curly and kinky hair. After denying athletes the right to wear caps in the Olympics, the company announced that athletes can wear their products for competitive swimming races. They initially banned the swim caps during last year’s Tokyo Olympics because the caps did not follow the natural form of the head,

A dive into inclusive headwear

Lauren Lee, News editor
September 15, 2022
This year, people across the globe remember and honor the 2,977 people killed in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center site, Shanksville Pennsylvania and the Pentagon. Recalling the devastation wrought on 9/11 fills the atmosphere with grieving emotions. Yet 9/11 remains in the hearts of families and friends across the world.

September 11 tribute

Lauren Lee, News editor
September 11, 2022
 Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship came to an end after dating for nearly nine months. The two remain friends and plan on staying close, but Kardashian reports herself as single and ready to mingle.

The end of Kete

Lauren Lee, News Editor
August 30, 2022
Caption: Home Box Office (HBO Max) released an engrossing film “The Princess” on Saturday, August 13. The documentary unveils a series of footage and tapes from Princess Diana’s early life as the Princess of Wales, as well as her last moments alive. Through the tapes, the audience can live vicariously through royalty while battling with a strange love.

Princess duties

Lauren Lee, News Editor
August 25, 2022
Outside of the Texaco gas station on Moon Station Rd, regular gas prices stand at $3.65  for unleaded and $4.99 for diesel. Since March of this year, the price of regular gas in Kennesaw dropped by 60 cents. Multiple factors have led to the decline in gas prices, and prices should continue to decrease.

A decrease in gasoline

Lauren Lee, News Editor
August 23, 2022
July 31, U.S drone strikes confirmed by U.S President Joe Biden, assassinated Ayman al-Zawahiri, an Egyptian physician and militant who shifted to one of the major ideologies of al-Qaeda. Zawahiri replaced former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, also killed by the U.S and died in 2011. Zawahiri then led al-Qaeda from 2011 until his death 2 weeks ago.

America strikes back

Lauren Lee, News Editor
August 19, 2022
On the premiere show of “The Kardashians”, Kim Kardashian and her son, Saint West, came across a Roblox game with her face on an ad that led to her sexual content. This frightened Kardashian because she does not want her kids to see her past actions. Roblox later tried to defend themselves and banned the person who instigated the incident.

Roblox’s censorship

Lauren Lee, Reporter
May 16, 2022
Watching the richest man on earth take over one of the largest social media platforms frightens people worldwide. On April 25, billionaire Elon Musk made a deal with Twitter to purchase the social media network for 44 billion dollars. Musk has planned a variety of new changes for the network.

Twitter takeover

Lauren Lee, Reporter
April 26, 2022
Caption: On March 1, 2022, Netflix released a docuseries titled “The Worst Roommate Ever”. The series explores the terrifying stories of several people who have encountered traumatizing roommates. The series includes five episodes with a different case each episode, aside from the last two which contain parts one and two.

Protecting villains

Lauren Lee, Reporter
April 15, 2022
Track and field athletes Zakiya Schloss (left), Sydney Fulford (middle), and Nadia Estime (right) pose on the hurdles in anticipation for tonight’s meet. Tonight North Cobb Highschool hosts the first home track meet in almost 8 years. Field events start at 5 and running events start at 6. North Cobb, North Cobb Christian, Cumberland Christian Academy, and Campbell high school compete against each other tonight. “Im very excited for tonight. Now that our facilities are up to date, we can  finally host a meet. I hope North Cobb can host more track meets in the future now that COVID has lessened. I hope tonight everyone shows what they’ve been working on,” track and field coach Chad Tally said.

Track meet at NC

Lauren Lee, Reporter
March 23, 2022
While Biden helps the lives in danger in Ukraine, he also hurts the economy in the U.S. When gas prices rise, it can affect the economy and impact everything from consumer spending to the price of airline tickets to hiring practices. Gas greatly contributes to transportation, which directly impacts households as they drive, but also businesses that rely on transportation chains worldwide.

A leap in gasoline

Lauren Lee, Reporter
March 18, 2022
Gonzales created these classic and elegant nails in mid-December. She claims these nails as one of her favorite sets because of how the red adds a graceful look and the shiny rhinestones make them stand out. The nails consist of dark red nail polish with a glitter white french tip on the index, ring and pinky finger.

Lovely nails

Lauren Lee, Reporter
March 11, 2022
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