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Giovanna Talone, Sports Editor

Giovanna Talone, a junior at North Cobb is the Sports Editor for The Chant. Talone has always loved writing and writes any chance she gets. A multi-athlete herself, Talone ironically loves writing about sports the most. Following graduation, Talone hopes to go to college to pursue sports medicine. She loves speaking Portuguese and visiting her family in Brazil. Cooking and baking are another one of Talone’s passions and she frequently cooks traditional Brazilian foods and desserts.


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NC cafeteria staff member of 25 years, Martha Cothran, serves sophomore Ryan Lacey school lunch. “When I look at staff members, its often difficult to read or even see their name tags. I think that students would be able to build better relationships with the staff in our school if they could at least more easily learn their names,” Lacey said. Workers come in before school to serve breakfast, then begin cooking and preparing lunches before A lunch, starting at 11:51, until D lunch ending at 1:57. After all lunch periods end, they clean the kitchen and wash used dishes and equipment.

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January 31, 2022
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Giovanna Talone