Entrepreneur Alley calls all future business owners


Giovanna Talone

Junior class president and small business owner Ryan Lacey started a club inspiring entrepreneurs in search of new business opportunities. With meetings every Wednesday afternoon in Mr. Dennard’s room (806), Lacey invites all students to attend and bring their ideas with them. The club welcomes students with or without prior knowledge of the business. Seniors Lucky Dang and Haneen Mohommad pitched their creative entrepreneurial ideas to the club’s attendees.

Giovanna Talone, Sports Editor

Junior class president and small business owner Ryan Lacey started Entrepreneur Alley, a club open to all students interested in making money. Entrepreneur Alley aims to build future entrepreneurs at NC. Whether the students present ideas or not, Lacey will help them enter the same path she walked when opening her Lovey Crew

“Creating my own business, Lovey Crew, taught me so many things about business and about myself. It showed me I could actually bring my ideas to life if I decided to, and that I didn’t have to wait until I reached a certain age. I created Entrepreneur Alley because I feel like it’s so important for students to be aware of, and have access to, all the business opportunities available to them. One unique aspect I like to emphasize in my club is the collaborative space for members because I definitely think that open communication helps to inspire innovation,” Lacey said. 

After school Wednesday, September 7, Lacey held the club’s first meeting. With Chick-fil-A and other snacks available for the clubs’ new members, students found their seats and chatted with other people in the room. Following the students entering, Lacey talked about her club’s main focus of guiding students, pursuing entrepreneurship and providing the help and resources she needed when starting up Lovey Crew. She also wants to present students with options besides creating a brand name for themselves in ways such as drop shipping

Lacey wanted students to share their ideas and express creativity. On the board, Lacey pulled up a collage of several household items. She told students to group up and pick objects to create a unique product. Not only did the groups create a product, but they also came up with an elevator pitch to present to the class. After a group discussion, the teams pitched their products and brand names along with the items from the board they used. With several creative ideas, everyone voted on the invention they preferred. The class voted on an umbrella with a hand mixer as a handle that spins and dries the umbrella after use. The winners earned a round of applause from students. 

After the group activity, Lacey continued sharing her plans for the rest of the semester. She plans on working with the members through a “shark tank” style presentation to pitch their idea to real local investors. 

“I honestly really liked the club and thought today was a lot of fun. I think Ryan’s club can help a lot of kids that want to go into business and she seems to have more experience than most. I’ve never heard of a club like this and I think it’s great,” freshman Mauricio Dias said. 

Lacey encourages any students who show interest in business making to attend Entrepreneur Alley meetings and ask her any questions. The club holds meetings in room 802 at 3:40 every Wednesday.