The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The importance of positivity for Diego Rojas 

Jasmyn Mitchell
NC Junior Diego Rojas tends to live in the moment and understands the importance of living authentically. This scholar spends his days exercising and connecting with those around him, taking on the journey to better himself. Rojas serves as an interesting figure and reading about him will not disappoint audiences.

Incredibly swole NC junior Diego Rojas navigates life from a unique point of view. Whether Rojas throws smiles on faces or sets an example for those around him, he proves that certain people possess natural warmth and can light up any room by staying true to themselves. Whether faced with challenges like cloudy days or triumphs such as cheering up those around him, Rojas approaches life with a dimpled smile plastered on his face and a consistent positive attitude.

Rojas manages to effortlessly spread his ever-growing positivity wherever he resides. This rare trait appears as one of his defining characteristics, setting him apart from everyone else. His infectious positivity creates a ripple effect, which uplifts those around him and creates a safe atmosphere for those around him.

“I see someone that I enjoy being around is feeling sad I try to cheer them up. Sometimes I feel like that and need someone to cheer me up. I don’t see it as a necessity, making people feel better just comes naturally,” Rojas said. 

              Rojas does not only carry this attitude around his peers but also around his older gym partners. Benching 315 lbs at only 17 years old, Rojas carries his passion for brightening the days of others to his workouts. While including physical activity in his daily routine, his dedication to the gym does not come as a surprise. Rojas has spent countless hours in the gym accomplishing his impressive current build. He views the gym not only as a place to work out but as a sanctuary where he can push his limits, build strength and improve his overall health. His commitment to fitness serves as a reminder that valuing health should not seem embarrassing. 

“ It’s [the gym] like a church. I worship the dumbbells and practice curling. My Messiah is my uncle [Rojas’ gym partner]. It’s a way to escape reality without taking illegal substances,” Rojas said. 

In addition to his passion for fitness, Diego appears as a dedicated student with a great head on his shoulders. While maintaining a 3.8 GPA after taking various Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors classes such as AP Psychology and Honors World History,  his love for learning becomes apparent every time he steps into a classroom. Working diligently and achieving the best grades he can, Diego’s curiosity and eagerness to learn serve as an inspiration to his peers and showcase the importance of lifelong learning. 

“Every time I step into a classroom, I feel stereotyped by the entire class and I prove them wrong. I stay in my own lane and avoid talking to the ones who think they’re better than me,” Rojas said. 

While Rojas constantly lives in the moment, he occasionally thinks about his future. With a desire to create his own business, Rojas plans to attend The University of Georgia (UGA) and own a gym himself. The motivation his family provides him with drives him to pursue his goals and take on the world. This plan to receive higher education in business and kick-start his own weightlifting gym has brewed for a long time and leaves his peers excited for what he does next. 

While existing as the epitome of dedication and consistency, his commitment to spreading positivity, a healthy lifestyle and increasing activity in the future for those around him, Rojas lives as one who delivers a kind of beacon of inspiration by motivating his peers to better themselves. As his life continues to change, different versions of Rojas continue to evolve and watching his journey fascinates those interested. 

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Jasmyn Mitchell
Jasmyn Mitchell, Reporter
Jasmyn “ Jazzy” Mitchell is a junior at NC. Mitchell adores expressing herself through photography and writing. She navigates every day through a critical lens and plans to change the world. Journalism gives Mitchell the opportunity to express her feelings, critics and opinions. Writing is something she's always been shy about, but this gives her the privilege to show the world her abilities. 

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