Ryan Lacey’s small business Lovey Crew spreads positivity


Bianca Farfan-Hernandez

In hopes of growing her client base bigger, sophomore class president Ryan Lacey takes her business extremely seriously and dedicates much of her time to promoting and shipping orders to help spread positivity. Ryan donates 10% of her proceeds to Dress For Success, an Atlanta program that donates clothes and proceeds to women in need. Lacey felt that the program’s mission falls in line with her mission to help others and support women. Lacey hopes her business can touch everyone with her messages and hopes to make a change in clothing “regulations.”

Bianca Farfan-Hernandez, Reporter

Sophomore class president Ryan Lacey decided to advocate body positivity. Not wanting to work under anyone, Lacey created her small business, Lovey Crew, to earn money on her own and to take a dive into her future career aspirations as an entrepreneur. While growing up, Lacey always made money by tutoring people which caused her to strive for more. Lacey changed her approach with her clothing line to help uplift the spirits of others in an attempt to positively impact body image stereotypes.

Lacey started off with her first business called the “Love Lacey Line” where she sold cropped and tube tops. Unfortunately, Lacey had to close her business down on April 4th because she faced copyright claims by Shopify. Not slowing down, Lacey continued and opened a new business known now as “Lovey Crew” on June 6th. Through Lovey Crew, Lacey continued to sell cropped tops and summer clothes. Lacey would wear her clothing out which drew attention from others, she used this as a marking strategy that helped promote her clothing. Running into numerous challenges, such as only receiving a low amount of sales each month, Lacey stands her ground continuing to promote her business in hopes to grow.

Lacey’s business TikTok page went viral causing a rise in sales and popularity in her brand. Although sales did rise, Lacey received downgrading comments such as “I’d only wear that if I was skinny”, “does it come with the body”. Comments such as this grabbed the attention of Lacey and made her take a different approach with her business: motivational, self-love, and positive graphic tees. Lacey aims to make everyone feel comfortable and happy in her clothing.

“When I started promoting my brand on TikTok when I was selling crop tops, a lot of the comments were like ‘does it come with the body’ basically people expressing that they did not feel comfortable wearing my shirts. That is why I changed what clothing I sell to motivational, body positivity shirts so everyone can feel comfortable in what they wear,” sophomore class president Ryan Lacey said.

Lacey juggles a busy schedule, including volleyball and soccer along with clubs she participates in at NC such as the Beta club. Lacey prioritizes up to 2 hours a night to her business to ensure its success. Lacey wants everyone to feel comfortable in what they wear, and she believes it plays a big role in her customers’ happiness. She believes “when you feel good you look good”. Lacey receives a tremendous amount of help and support from her family and friends. Lacey hopes more people can take a look into her business and read the back of the shirts, which contain powerful messages she believes multiple people can relate to.